Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday, 19 October 2019

Balls Or Tyres!

It was a mixed marriage.I'm human, he was a Klingon - Carol Leifer
The weekend is finally here🎈
I enjoyed a snuggle and a cup of tea in bed.
 Even the sun was out :)
Hubby left to collect our nearly new cooker.
I put on a new outfit.
(Let's see who notices.....)
 While I got the blog updated,
I had coffee and nibbles↓
 I got one blog wrote...
The cooker arrived!
 The Plumber would be coming later on to get it plumbed in.
More coffee needed↓
  What a surprise no one mentioned nothing about my new outfit.
Back to wearing a potato bag! 
We caught up with this week's telly.
 Together on Graham’s sofa this week: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton discuss reuniting for Terminator: Dark Fate, and Debbie Harry and Nadiya Hussain talk about their new autobiographies. With music from DJ Spoony's Garage Classical featuring The Sugababes.
The Plumber arrived...
We had a laugh especially when he asked "Who broke the cooker this time?
"The same person who broke the last one, 9 months ago!"
Then I commented to him.
"If it has balls or tyres you will have problems!"
He replied, "I have problems with both!"
 All fitted in!
Now to use it....
Nice bit of Pork Curry to give us some warmth!
 There were 4 empty plates.
Everyone liked it \o/
I reminded my younger brother to visit my dad on Monday.
We caught up on some episodes of:
The Hunt for Red October is due in town for 6 days,
So we full use of the warm bed before it is due!


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