Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

I Know Too Many Little P.......

You can stop almost anything from functioning by hitting it with a large rock - Russell Bell
Welcome to a busy Tuesday ahead...
 I enjoyed a much needed cuddle and cup of tea in bed.
I gave hubby a wet 💋 before he left the house.
While waiting for our kids to have breakfast..
I enjoyed coffee and nibble↓
 Time for a little ride...↓
 Nice CD to listen to↓
(And sing to...hehehehe)
 We park in the Lidl car park.
 Dentist visit for our kids.
We visited Lidl's afterwards.
Got a bargain box of coffee↓
Quick look at the newspaper↓
Denny Laine [Born Brian Hines], English rock guitarist (The Moody Blues, Wings) is 75 years old 🎈
Melba Moore,  American singer is 74 years old 🎈
 Peter Green co- founder of Fleetwood Mac is 73 years old🎈
Early lunch↓
Off now to have the Flu Jab..
At least the temperature is going up↗↗
There were some 80s tunes being played in the waiting room.
Lots of singing and humming coming from me.
The nurse said,"You will feel a little prick!"
I replied,"I know too many little pricks!"
I came back and got changed.
After coming back from The Happy Place of Work...
It was starting to get cold..↓
 Coffee and mince pie↓
 My new curtains for the front door has arrived.
I dropped off Sexy Beast for its yearly service.
I waited for hubby to pick me up in the dark!
 Gets picked up.
Made the pie...
Ate it↓
 We watched vote in Parliment for a General Election for December 12th.
 We will watch the Bake Off final after I come back from work.
Speaking of work...↓
 I gets back to watch the Bake Off Final.

I caught up with the newspaper review on Sky.
I hope its going to be a warmer Hump tomorrow🐪 



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