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Wednesday 28 March 2018

Funny Old Hump!

Welcome to my funny Hump of the Week.
I gave everyone a 💋 when everyone left.
I had bills to sort out & a school trip to pay for..£££££££'s
Had a strong coffee to melt away the cobwebs..
 While I am recovering from my accident.
I am going down to half pay next month :(
The council is coming to look at the drain, before they start work on replacing the slabs on my drive....
(Busy day for answering emails and the phone)
I had a friend come round for coffee and chat
I had a lovely belated birthday present..:)
 I wished her good luck on hearing if she gets the job she went for earlier when she departed...
(I gave her the remaining pink buns to take home)
While carrying on reading...
Time for a laugh...
I got a email from my local Labour Party...
"I am eligible to take part in the selection for a chance of being the Labour MP for Redditch." 
(Probably be laughed out of the building!"
Did more chop chop....
Dished up Chilli & Lemongrass Chicken with Rice..
Going to laugh off the Hump!



Monday 15 January 2018

Mounting The Apples & Pears

Back on the wobbly talking wheel.
Got up early for wee visit↓↓
We had some fun trying to find the tie for school....
Lots of foot stamping,shouting and crying.
After a warm hug, he calmed down.
The house was then quiet.
Now for a nibble..
I had a friend visit for chat and coffee.
He gave me a lovely present of...
(I still have a video recorder)
Wrapped up a birthday present for Friday
 Now to give the mouth battery to charge up.
Carrying on to the last DVD of....↓↓
I am visiting another friend tomorrow,
For more chat and coffee...
I finally got upstairs after nearly 3 months being downstairs....
Back to sharing the Kingsize..... 

Tuesday 4 July 2017

More,More, More ...Nice Music...

I had to put up with heavy drizzle during Job 1.
Then I had a B3 moment...
 Coffee and chat time!
I took delivery of some great music to play and sing along to, in my Sexy Beast....
 My lolly earring ring turned up at Job 3
Now to raise a glass to celebrate!


Monday 1 May 2017

Using The Bank Holiday Monday To Enjoy Coffee

Woo Hoo!
 Another Bank Holiday Monday.
No work for me or hubby.
Now to make the most of it....
Off for coffee and chat..
Bumped into former and present co-workers.
We walked around the gardens and got caught in heavy rain shower
Just got under cover in time..
Visited the Jinny Ring...
Nice item and nice price
More coffee needed...
At least the sun came out when we got home!
 Back on the wobbly work wheel tomorrow.
On a postive note:
 It's a four day working week!

Wednesday 26 April 2017

Freaky Weather Time!

Welcome to my Hump of the Week..
The leggings went back on, as the temperature had dipped to a very chilly 3c...
I survived the first part of Job 1 
Now for coffee and chat at
Now for that coffee...
Found something that would look nice in my garden....↓↓
 Don't know where it all would go, but we could make room...😎😎
In the afternoon, all sorts of weather I experienced.....
Sunshine, rain, snow,sleet, hail and back to blue skies...

Wednesday 1 March 2017

Another Dodgy Hump Day!

Welcome to my Hump of the Week.
Enjoyed some coffee and chat again.
Spent my £5 voucher I received 2 years at the Tardebigge Fair for coming second place.
Back to my dad's to see his old car getting some fresh air!
Tried to leave in Larry.
He failed to start...
Back to walking again.
Came back after finishing Job 1.
He started up fine!
Now I'm back on my way......home
More fun on Hump Day!

Wednesday 18 November 2015

Grinning Like A Cheshire Cat!

Welcome To My Hump Of The Week,
Still counting the days until I finish Job 2
Wearing a rather large grin while I was working :)
I went to a Titanic party that was held at my son's school.
Nice to have coffee and chat with some of the Year 6 parents.
I am starting to make my Christmas cards tomorrow
Nice to relax, sing a bit, drink coffee and be creative!

Friday 26 June 2015

Pounding Of The Gums....

Had another day of chilling.
Met up with a good friend for coffee and chat.
She gave me more free craft crap(for card making)
I gave her some wool ( for knitting)
I won't have to buy anymore craft supplies for a bit( yeah right!)
I still have a Birthday cake and card to do by Monday...
Now to celebrate the start of the weekend,
By drinking from "Keep Calm & Relax" cup...

Friday 1 May 2015

I'm So Funny.

I went to Webb's for a mocha,cake and chat this morning.
While holding a Wisteria plant at the till
I replied to Till Assistant.
"I will pretend it's someone's throat!"
She laughed
Then I said,"I have been told I have warm hands!"
The Sale Assistant couldn't stop laughing.
Then she look at the badge I was wearing.
More laughter!
Glad I brightened up someone's day!