Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Emptying The Skip!

Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city - George Burns
Welcome to my Tuesday 💣
Nice hug with brew!
I got the kids up for school.
It's going to be another warm one!
Gave out some sloppy wet 💋💋💋 to everyone.

 Big big sunglasses time.
Summer coat goes on.
Tree shot.
Now for the fun to start..
It was starting to get really warm.
Getting hot under the collar.
It's a lot better than yesterday for car drivers stopping.
Still no lambo :(
Finished in one piece.
Now home for coffee in the garden!
My friend got in touch to go around her house to see the state of her house after she had a fire in garage last year.
Where the fire started↑
This is where her daughter's cot was, 
Her room is above the garage.
This is the ceiling↑
She can't move back in until all the repairs have been made.She is looking at it being November.
Says Goodbye and goes home for lunch.
Then back out for the afternoon session.
On goes the Summer coat again.
I'm glad I took a bottle of water, it was getting really hot. Just three car drivers failed to stop.
There will be a time when stick hits windscreen.
Getting hot under the collar again! 
Finishes in one piece.
Gets home, and ex-plum is waiting to take his kids out to McDonalds. Has as quick chat, then off they go.
I have to get ready for my final shift at the cleaning job.
Off I go.
More big tunes to listen to:
Gets in.
Loads up the skip for the final time.
Didn't see no other cleaners.
After I finished.
I emptied the skip, just leaving black bags, feather duster and a new toilet brush in it with the vacuum cleaner.
Now to sing to my heart's content on the way home.
Back home.
I had a lovely tea.
Then to enjoy a nice long cold bath! 
I was too tired for Sleep Tea.
I am glad this is the last day of that cleaning job.
Let's see what Hump Day tomorrow brings..🐫


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