Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday, 12 June 2021

Painting The Cake Red!

I am a doormat in a world of boots - Jean Rhys
I woke up earlier than I normally do during the week! I left Sleeping Beauty to have a lie-in. I had things to do!
I had the cup of tea....
Sorted out the cloths for work for the final time!
I wrote out my son's Birthday Card.
Hubby rose from his warm pit.
We had breakfast.
The Birthday Boy got up and opened his Birthday Cards. He had his breakfast.
Hubby dropped him off at work.
I got out Kenny and started to make his Birthday cake.
Once that was in the oven, I had some catching up with paperwork that had come during the week.
Hubby came back with a much needed coffee and bacon baguette.
We sat outside to eat it :)
Now to add some 17th Birthday Balloons to the bunting.
The cake was finished!
The Birthday Boy came home from work early.
He really liked the cake!
He brought back the hand I bought last week from Omega.
We had a special treat of ordering another Chinese Takeway.
I then had to carry on writing blog posts from last Sunday.....
I watched two episodes of "Dragon's Den" while doing so.
I will write the remaining two blog posts brain was closing down on me.....
Sleep tea time!
Another Birthday to celebrate at the end of the month!
(Not forgetting Father's Day a week on Sunday!)
Now to enjoy the bed!



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