Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday, 5 June 2021

Ooh La La!

There are two things in life I like hard and one of them is eggs -
Mae West 
 Welcome to my busy Saturday 👅
Nice big hug with brew!
Breakfast early.
Hubby had to go have his second Covid vaccine job. 
He was out of the house early.
I was just taking our son to his Saturday job when the postman arrived.
I looked down at Amazon packet he handed me.
I gave it him back as I said to him:
"I like the Hollies pop group, but haven't named my house after them!"
I dropped son off, then the fun started.
On the way back home, one blue BMW didn't like it having to stop at the roundabout when I went past him. He followed me half the way home.
Other bit of fun I had, someone pulled out in his air con advertising van out of a side road in front of me!
I was doing 40 limit, so had to brake hard or he would have took out  the front of my Sexy Beast. He seemed to be going the same way I was going home.
When I got on my drive, he turned around further down the road and went past my house and out of the road!!!
I sat in the garden waiting for hubby to come back.
Now time for a road trip to Droitwich!
with big big sunglasses.

We got a parking space.
Now to look to see what the Droitwich Lions have for sale.
We got some DVDS, and a jar of lovely jam.
We visited the charity shop up from the church.
Got a Dvd boxset of musicials for £2. 
We moved the car to another car park.
Now to visit more Charity Shops!
The first Charity shop has a old fashioned sewing machine for £10.
I thought about it, and decided against it.
We are onto our 4th Charity Shop when I started singing along with song that came on the radio.
Younger son didn't like it, and went outside.
The staff in the shop thought it was funny and should have got to used to my singing on how much I do!
The song I was singing along was:
He suddenly went all moody on us.
We had a takeaway coffee and sat outside the library to soak up the rays!
Couldn't put up with the mood, so back to the car and back home.
Unpacked all the bargains↓
3 more pom poms for the Pom Pom tree.
Off out to get some plants for the garden.
Now to listen to some music we bought earlier.
There was a large queue of traffic before we got to the Garden Centre. One man was losing his rag in front of me, as the traffic in front was grid locked. He tried to overtake all the cars in front, until a big lorry came down the road. I just turned right into the Garden Centre, and let him get on with it!
Time to look around!
Time for coffee and nibble..
Loads of plants in the trolley!
Coffee and nibble.
We then carried on looking at the plants.
One had a nice name...
We queued up to pay for the plants...
It was so hot, my top was sticking to me!
I was glad to have the breeze when I got out of there!
Back in Sexy Beast and home. 
Unloads all the plants.
Hubby wasn't feeling very well.
He went to bed.
I got some plants to pot!
Halfway through, I had to pick up son from his Saturday job.
I got some stuff in the sale.
Joe has some nice stuff.
I gets back to the car, and son had changed my CD over as he didn't like Cher!!!!
Back to planting the plants.
I got through a whole bag of compost!
At least the garden looks a lot better!
Now for tea in the garden.
Then it was time to write two days of blog posts.
We caught up on some television programmes as well.
Then we watched the last third series of:
Really great show :)
Then we caught up with the news!
Then off to the hot bed....


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