Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Celebrating With Cake!

 “All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much.” – George Harrison.
 Welcome to the day of celebrating my son's 16th Birthday 🎈
Nice cuddle and hug.
Brew with breakfast.
Wishes one son a Happy Birthday and got the other son up for school!
Gave out sloppy wet 💋💋💋
Feeling a bit cold....
It was cloudy and cold.
On went the winter coat with the lumo summer cap.
Now for the fun!
I am glad the rain kept off.
Still testing car driver's brakes!
No lambo again today...
(In the garage probably)
Finished in one piece.
Now off home.
Much needed coffee time.
Birthday Boy got up.
Cake revealed.
He opened his Birthday Cards..
He had some birthday money, so he wanted to go to town.
So off we went.
Parked in Car Park 4.
His bank was closed on Tuesdays!
I got a Costa Coffee to go.
Then we went out of the Kingfisher Shopping Centre to look out by the church to see if my old friend was out there.
He wasn't.
Went past the Library...
Where there was a man  begging for money became very hostile to me as I went past.
"Nice trainers, how much did they cost?"He sneered at me.
"Enough!" I said.
(I found out later on, he was abusive to one of my friends yesterday as well!) 
Went back to the car park and home.
 Henry came out for a little play...
Gave the kitchen a good clean, and mopped the floor.
Light lunch.
Then back out for the afternoon shift.
I spoke to the lady who gave me some free plants last week, about the large amount of plants I got last Wednesday.
"Have you got any spare?" She asked.
"I will drop some round tomorrow afternoon," I replied.
Put my lights on, and now to let the fun start!
One car was trying to speed, but out came the lollystick and it soon stopped.
A few cars the otherside wasn't stopping.
Boing Boing on the top of the car roofs if they ain't careful!
My friend with his dog appeared as soon as I finished.
While we were talking I could feel spots of rain.
I did offer him a brolly to get home with, as he will be entering a wet t-shirt competition when he gets home!
I say goodbye, and off home I go.
Starts to rain on the way home.
Glad I missed it while doing my lollipop job!
Gets home.
Now to write up 2 blog posts.
The England v Germany match is on.....
Hubby comes home at half time.
Our son gets his big presents for his Birthday.
I try and get on with the tea...
First goal goes in for England,
then the second goal in....
Tea is served..
Chicken Stir Fry..
Final result was:
England 2 Germany 0.
Birthday Boy phoned his nan up to thank her for the money she sent him.
As I ran out of Sleep Tea..
(Waiting for a delivery of it this week)
We had bought some nice hot chocolate from Bromsgrove last Saturday.

 Only £3.
Bargain, it tastes so nice!
After having a go on some ghost huntings apps on our phones....
It seem we have loads of 👻 in our house!
Hoping for a nice sunny Hump tomorrow 🐫





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