Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday, 27 February 2021

Jab Time!

One way to help the weather make up its mind is to hang out washing
Marcelene Cox
Welcome to my Saturday 👯
I got up, made a brew.
Unloaded and loaded up the dishwasher.
Enjoyed the brew in bed!
Breakfast soon followed.
Now out for some fresh air.
It's getting warmer \o/
We went past the site where the new Lidl is going to be...
I went to see my mum and dad.
The grave behind my parent's grave has now no flowers on it.
All the flowers from last week have gone.
I hope there will be some flowers going on in the next few weeks.
At least the sun is shining!
Hubby nipped into Sainsburys,while I sat in the car.
Back home.
Read the newspapers before lunch.
Good cover on the front of Private Eye magazine↓
Steve Harley (born Stephen Malcolm Ronald Nice) is an English singer and songwriter, best known as frontman of the rock group Cockney Rebel,with whom he still tours, albeit with frequent and significant personnel changes.
He is 70 years old 🎈 
Hubby and son then was cutting back some branches of a tree.
Belated tea at 3.
Now its time to get my Covid jab.
Goes in 5 minutes before I'm due. There is about 5 medical centres in one here.
I sat on the chair marked 2.
Gets called in by my own Doctor, quick chat and has the jab and its done.
I wait in the waiting room for 15 mins.
Then I'm done.
Hubby collects my order from Dunelm.
It didn't help when we pulled up in the car park, a man driving his car,went past us talking on his mobile phone. 
On the way out he went, past the Police Station, and still talking on his phone while driving!. 
Back home with a sore arm.
Now one of my son's won't be cold at night now...
We caught up with 2 episodes of Judge Rinder.
Roast Pork Tea.
Now to watch another film.
Really good film.
Sleep Tea time.
Then off to enjoy that warm bed, to count down the hours until my Birthday!




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