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Sunday, 8 August 2021

Banana Time!

If it's good, they'll stop making it - Herbert Block
Welcome to my Sunday πŸ’“
Nice brew with warm hug.
So much washing to do from the holiday...
Washing machine goes on....
Chores were handed out...
Now out for a little ride in Sexy Beast. 
Time to pump up the tyres....
Then off to town ...
View from the car park....
I exchanged a dress for a smaller size.
Bumped into a friend from my working for Royal Mail. Had a yak.
Picked up a coffee on the way back to Sexy Beast.
Much better view of the ring road...
Goes to see my mum and dad.
No one had been up since I last went.
Removed the dead flowers one of those brothers left on the grave for my dad's Birthday.
Tidied up a bit...
Then the rain came down!
Said goodbye to my parents...
Off to have a quick look in Sainsburys...
I found another Kenny...
Funny Private Eye Front Cover...
I picked up my clothes order which was delivered elsewhere and I should have received it on the Friday before going away on holiday!
Oh well, at least I got it!
Back home...
Now to unpack my bargains from Sainsburys!
Banana Time!
All the windmills went in the garden!
Now for a late lunch....
I have missed salads so much!
Once ate our lunch.
Now to check hubby's car tyres...
Then off for a ride to Henley....
I got my Lucky bag...
Nice house for sale in the Estate Agent's window for £2 million+
Back home to see what I go in the Lucky bag!
Now to drag the kids out for a little walk while the sun is still shining!

Then back home to start on the tea....
While that was cooking in the oven.
We caught up on two weeks of Hotel Inspector.
Tea was ready...
Then off to get two lucky bags from Morrisons.
My neighbour had the yum yums.
There was a new documentary about Jimmy Saville...
I had to subscribe to the channel to watch it...
Then we rewatched the Louis documentary...
When he goes back over footage from the first documentary.
Quick look into today's newspaper.
Glen Campbell  was an American guitarist, singer, songwriter, actor and television host. He was best known for a series of hit songs in the 1960s and 1970s, and for hosting The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour on CBS television from 1969 until 1972. He released 64 albums in a career that spanned five decades, selling over 45 million records worldwide, including twelve gold albums, four platinum albums, and one double-platinum album.
He died on this day in 2017 aged 81
Sleep Tea time!
No Wobbly Work Wheel for me tomorrow 🎑

Sunday, 13 June 2021

Sunday Boost!

Beauty is only a light switch away - Austin Powers 
Welcome to my sunny Sunday 🌞
Nice big hugs and sloppy wet πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
I didn't want to wait too late to check my tyres as we normally have to put up with bad Sunday Drivers....
Check the tyres on Sexy Beast↓
Then to see how my parents are doing.
I gave the plants a good water.
I will be up next Sunday as it's Father's Day with some great Balloons 🎈🎈🎈
We nips into Sainsburys for a mooch about..
Good Private Eye Front Page.
When we got out to Sexy Beast to load up the plants I bought, I tried to juggle two pots of plants at the same time...
That's not going to end well...
It's well warm!
We gets home to unload Sexy Beast.
I finally get to unpack the hand I bought yesterday from Joe's... 
The Dragon.
We have a light lunch in the front garden
I write out my friend's Birthday Card.
Now out to check hubby's car tyres and deliver the card.
(With a bit of reduced food shopping as well)
Nice boost of Flowers for her Birthday.
Goes round and delivers her flowers and birthday card.
(She was surprised to see me after we haven't seen each other face to face for 3 years!)
Wishes her a Happy Birthday for Tuesday.
Back home to unpack the bargains.
A nice CD to play in Sexy Beast tomorrow..
I start to plant the plants I bought from Sainsburys.
Hubby starts on the tea.
I finish the gardening.
He finishes cooking the tea...
yum yum....
Now for a much needed early night...with warm and not cold hands....
Back on that Wobbly Work Wheel 🎑tomorrow