Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday 18 February 2021

I Have Nothing!

I was once so poor I didn't know where my next husband was coming from - Mae West
 Welcome to my Thursday 💉
Hug with brew.
I nip out to get the newspaper in Sexy Beast.
I gives hubby a wet sloppy 💋 before he goes to work....
I have a nice cup of coffee..
Read of the newspaper.
Jack Palance ( born Volodymyr Palahniuk)  was an American actor of Ukrainian descent. Known for playing tough guys and villains, Palance was nominated for three Academy Awards, all for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, receiving nominations for his roles in Sudden Fear (1952) and Shane (1953), and winning the Oscar almost 40 years later for his role in City Slickers (1991). 
He would have been 102 years old 🎈 
He died aged 87 in 2006
Veronica "Randy" Crawford  is an American jazz and R&B singer. She has been more successful in Europe than in the United States, where she has not entered the Billboard Hot 100 as a solo artist. However, she has appeared on the Hot 100 singles chart twice. First, was in 1979 as a guest vocalist on The Crusaders's top 40 hit "Street Life". She also dueted with Rick Springfield on the song "Taxi Dancing," which hit #59 as the b-side of Springfield's hit "Bop Til You Drop." She has had five Top 20 hits in the UK, including her 1980 number 2 hit, "One Day I'll Fly Away", as well as six UK Top 10 albums. Despite her American nationality, she won Best British Female Solo Artist in recognition of her popularity in the UK at the 1982 Brit Awards. In the late 2000s she received her first two Grammy Award nominations. 
She is 69 years old 🎈 
I am waiting for the Heating Engineer to service our 15 year old boiler since 8am, no sign of him just yet, as I sit down to write yesterday's blog.
The breadmaker baked another lovely loaf of bread.
I got my Omega delivery delivered :)
I had a important email come through.
I have been added to the Shielding list until March 31st!
Only allowed out of the house for medical appointments and exercise.
One of the Solictors dealing with my late dad's house sale, was given the wrong email for me.When she was given the right email address,she wanted some papers about the house. I told her, the younger brother has all those documents: 
As the Whitney Houston's song goes...
I have nothing, no documents concerning the house whatsoever!  

I wrote and published yesterday's blog.
Even had time to do my jukebox of tunes on Twitter :)
I got through to my Doctors after 15 minutes to see about my X-ray results.My Doctor haven't seen them yet.
I got booked in for a blood test.
As I can't have it done at my normal place no more!
I mentioned I was put on the Shielding list and was booked to have the Covid jab next week :)
I tried to watched the programme that is Number 1 on Netflix...
I watched a great film instead.
I enjoyed Tea at 3.
It was coming up to 10 to 4pm when still the Heating Engineer hadn't arrived to service the 15 year old boiler of ours.
I phoned the Council, she says:
 "He turned up on 10am."
 "Funny that", I didn't hear any knock on the door!"I replied.
Trying again for someone to come back again sometime next month.
 When hubby came back from work.
He had a nice sloppy wet 💋
Pork Belly, with stuffing and veg. 
We then watch 4 episodes of Judge Rinder.
Sleep tea time↓↓
Friday Feeling 🎈 is back tomorrow
As well as two episodes of Top of The Pops from 1990.
One song that is featured, won't be forwarded, is at the end of this blog post.



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