Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

No More Drips...

The bravest thing you can do when you are not brave is to profess courage and act accordingly - Corra Harris
Welcome to my Lockdown Tuesday🎈
Sun all day \o/
Nice to greet the day with hug and tea↓
 Has breakfast.
Gets dressed.
Out for our daily walk↓
 The council phoned to say the Plumber was outside the front door to look at the leaky pipe.
The younger son opened the door to let him in.
Sunshine when we got back↓
 Hubby goes to work.
I have a quick look in the newspaper↓
  Has a coffee and nibble↓
 The Plumber has to replace the pipe under the sink↓
 He paid me a compliment on how my garden was looking.
(He asked if he could have some pears when they ripen up.I told him to bring a bag, there will be tonnes this year!)
Then I am off in Sexy Beast to see my parents↓
 I put the pink and blue windmills on my parent's grave↓
 I found a space for a plant to go and I will have bring up red stones tomorrow.
 Air plane going over↑
I had a sneaky coffee and cake when I got back↓
 Watered the plants.
Light  lunch time↓
 The parasol goes up↗↗↗
 It was  nice to enjoy the sunshine outside.
 Tea at 3pm↓
 I made a beef and mushroom pie.
While that was cooking the oven.
We had a go on the TV Themes Quiz from last Tuesday. We got 4/6.
Then we had a go on today's TV Themes Quiz.
We got 4/6 again!
Pie is ready↓
 4 plates empty.
Off to work I go↓
 With some good music↓
  I gets back to enjoy two more episodes of Hill Street Blues...
 It's going to be hot hot hot Hump tomorrow 😎

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