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Monday 24 January 2022

Going Around Me Again!

 You don't have to be mad to work here - but it helps - Anon
Welcome aboard my Wobbly Work Wheel 🎡
Nice warm hug to start the working week!
Brew with Breakfast.
Thermal vest goes on.
Plus lots of layers.
No scraping of Sexy Beast to do.
I gives hubby a wet sloppy 💋
Off I go.
The wrong gate was open to the car park,
So I had to reverse, and get the car through the out gate.
Once I got my coat on, I went to lock the car, and my phone slid off the roof of the car onto the floor!
Am I going to have a bad day?
2 winter hats on, as well as big big gloves. 
I put on my lights and off I went down the road to have some fun 🍭🍭
Plenty of cars going under the stick!
One red car had to do an emergency stop!
Two drivers on the other side just ignored me and carried on driving!
Welcome to Monday!
I had a chat with someone today marked the 8th anniversary of his wife's death.
Last week was an anniversary of his son's death.
No wonder he hates January!
He pointed to the poster of the Comedienne and said,"Is that you?"
"No, she has seven chins, I only have five.
Anyway I am more funnier than her!"
He laughed and agreed with me.
I told someone I had visited Alcester's Charity shops on Saturday.
"More crap?" He said.
"Yes,but it's my crap now!" I replied.
Finished in one piece!
I fetched the newspaper on the way home.
Coffee maker went on.
Tumble drier also went on.
Cleaned the kitchen.
Unloaded and loaded up the dishwasher.
Now for coffee!
Then I moved some craft crap around.
Now I can move about in the Living Room!
I chatted with my friend for an hour.
Now to use up the soup!
Then it is time for an eventful afternoon shift.
Singalong music on the way.
Two winter hats and winter gloves goes on.
Puts on my lights.
I got talking with my 2 friends before I started.
I said goodbye to my friends.
Now for the afternoon shift.
Then it kicked off!
I stopped a silver Land Rover Discovery 08 plate.
I was in the middle of road, crossing the parents and kids over, when the Land Rover didn't want to wait, she put her foot down, went around my hand, up the pavement and round and then turned left into the nearby side road!
All the parents couldn't believe what they just saw!
Just a few minutes after I returned to the pavement and raised my stick.
Two cars went under it!
Limbo dancers time!
I got one of the parents to write down the license plate of the Land Rover, as it went past me, with the Driver waving at the parent.
My friend with his dog just as I was finishing.
I told him of the fun I just had!
He couldn't believe it!
I had a chin wag with him for 10 minutes.
"See you tomorrow" as I drove away.
Back home.
I covered up Sexy Beast,
Just in case it turns freezing overnight.
Time for a much needed brew!
I wrote yesterday blog post.
Then it was time for meat-free Stir Fry!
Now to look into today's newspaper:
Harold Ray Ragsdale  known professionally as Ray Stevens, is an American country and pop singer-songwriter and comedianknown for his Grammy-winning recordings "Everything Is Beautiful" and "Misty", as well as comedic hits such as "Gitarzan" and "The Streak". He has received gold albums for his music sales. He has worked as a producer, music arranger, and television host. He is an inductee of the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, and the Christian Music Hall of Fame, and the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.
He is 83 years old 🎈
Warren  Zevon was an American rock singer, songwriter, and musician.
Zevon's most famous compositions include "Werewolves of London", "Lawyers, Guns and Money", and "Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner". All three songs are featured on his third album, Excitable Boy (1978), the title track of which is also well-known. He also wrote major hits that were recorded by other artists, including "Poor Poor Pitiful Me", "Accidentally Like a Martyr", "Mohammed's Radio", "Carmelita", and "Hasten Down the Wind". Along with his own work, he recorded or performed occasional covers, including Allen Toussaint's "A Certain Girl", Bob Dylan's "Knockin' on Heaven's Door", Leonard Cohen's "First We Take Manhattan", Steve Winwood's "Back in the High Life Again", and Prince's "Raspberry Beret". 
He would have been 75 years old 🎈 
He sadly died aged 56 in 2003.
On this day in 1981, Hall and Oates released the single Kiss on My List from the Voices album. The song spent three weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.
UK No.1 on this day in 1998: 
All Saints - Never Ever
Hubby lost his match at snooker.
"Out played" He said.
His team lost 3-2.
My comment is the Windsor Davis quote at the end of the blog.
I enjoyed a much needed sleep tea.
After the day I had,
I need my warm bed.
I kept the bed warm for hubby.....





Tuesday 2 November 2021

Thermals Time!

      Television is for appearing on, not for looking at 
- Noel Coward
Welcome to my Tuesday Fun 🚲
My duvet cover seems to missing much of the duvet in it.....
I will try to dig out another teddy duvet later.
Hug with brew.
Thermals went on...
I gave hubby a sloppy wet 😘 before leaving.
It didn't help there was a frost overnight.
Time to scrape Sexy Beast's windscreen before I got off the drive!
Plus it was freezing!
I put the lining back into my Winter Coat.
As it was freezing!
Winter hat, and gloves were on .
Hoping the sun's rays will warm me up.
I put on my lights...
Let's get on with!
Some car drivers didn't take kindly for me dropping my stick down, and they had to stop!
One VN21 mini driver who were shooting me looks in the final week before I broke up.
I made her stop, her gums were banging together when she drove off.....!
Some car drivers were blockng the Keep Clear space, so trying to cross people was near impossible!
I finished in one piece.
I popped into the Co-op for some bits and pieces.
Picked up the newspaper on the way home.
Coffee machine was put on.
Washing machine was also put on.
Recycling put in the green bin.
I stripped off our bed.
I found the other Teddy duvet cover.
Put it on our bed.
It didn't help there was clumps of grass at the bottom and inside of the duvet cover!
Strips off the duvet cover and puts it in the washing machine.
Coffee time.
I go and look for another teddy duvet cover!
As the one I put in the washing machine is going to be dry for tonight....
Looks high and low on the internet.
Found one that can be with me by 10pm tonight!
Let's give it ago!
After all this messing about, I got half my blog wrote up to lunchtime.
Finish it off when I come back later...
I had a knock at the door.
The roofing company had come to look at my roof. They climbed up on the roof.
My son showed them the hole in the roof.
They said it was nothing to worry about, as no rain is going in through the hole.
I told him to put the bubble wrap in the hole.
The box is stopping under it as well!
Now onto Round 2.
I got winter coat on, winter hat and gloves on.
Turned on my lights.
I felt like Mitchell Mann with all my layers of clothes on under my coat!
At least the sun was shining for me!
My two friends arrived for a quick chat before I started the afternoon session.
I had the normal fun of trying to stop the traffic!
I stopped one man on a very noisy motorbike.
Who after I crossed back onto the pavement, starting to have a go at me about lowering my stick down while he was coming up the road!
That's what I could just about make out what he was saying as he crash helmet was in the way of his mouth. 
So if I didn't lower it, he would have drove under it, I guess from what he was saying????
At least I finished in one piece.
Home time.
I put the tea in the oven ready for later.
Wrote and finished my blog post.
Hubby was half an hour late coming home from work due to lots of traffic.
Couldn't hold off anymore, the heating had to go on!
Tea is served.
The Bear duvet cover is arrive!
Going to be well warm in this tonight.
(I was right as far as the other duvet wasn't dry in time for bed time!)
My son found out the DVD I wanted to watch.
Quick look into the newspaper.
Brian Poole  is a singer and performer who was the lead singer of 1960s beat band The Tremeloes (1957–62) and then Brian Poole and The Tremeloes (1962–66). He was brought up in the East End of London and grew up in Barking, East London. Poole attended Park Modern Secondary School, Barking and Barking Abbey Grammar School.  
He is 80 years old 🎈
Then it was Sleep Tea time.
Let's hope we have a warmer Hump tomorrow 🐫


Friday 16 July 2021

In Need Of The Ice Lolly!

Some people pay a complment as if they expected a receipt 
- Kim Hubbard
Welcome to the Friday Feeling 🎈
Nice big warm hug with brew.
I got one son up for school.
I took a bottle of water with me as it was already getting warm.
Gave out sloppy wet 💋💋💋
Now out,
Summer coat on.
Big big sunglasses.

Now for the fun to start...🎈
It was quiet for a Friday...
A few car drivers were banging their gums together because I stopped them.
It was getting quite warm in my coat....
(Don't know what this afternoon is going to be like!)
I finished in one piece, and was glad to take off the coat!
I picks up the newspaper on the way home.
I gives the plants a quick drink before the sun moves around.
Now for coffee and nibble in the garden.
My friend comes round with her daughter.
She is having the pink car and the sandpit when she comes around during the school holidays.
(another good deed)
She then left to go to town with another friend.
I meanwhile chilled in the garden until the sun came round, then it was too hot to sit in it!
Watched another episode of Hotel Inspector.
It was warming up outside.
Once I turned my lights on.
I went to get a ice lolly as I was starting to sweat in my summer coat.
After I had that, I stood in the shade before I started my final shift of the week.
Let the fun start ....🎈
It started fine.
One car was trying to move forward as I was stood in the middle of the road, he tried to edge forward, while I walking back to the pavement, He had to stop quick!
He put his hand up, the woman sat in the passenger seat laughed, I growled at her when I finally got back on the pavement.
The clouds blocked the sun, so I didn't have the blazing sun on me.
Finished in one piece!
I chattered to my friend for 5 minutes.
The Caretaker of the hall asked how long will I be?
"Five minutes,"I replied.
He closed the bottom gate, another parent had parked their car in the car park. I put all my lollipop stuff in the car, and said goodbye to everyone.
As I went through the other gate, the parent of the car that was left in the car park, appeared and tried to talk to the caretaker not to close the gate so she could get her car out of the car park!
Back home for a ice lolly.
I picked up one son, and off to Sainsburys.
They had knocked things down for the garden.
I got two nice wind chimes.
I also got a plant for my dad's 80th Birthday.
Back home.
Put up the wind chimes I bought.
I gave hubby a sloppy wet 💋 when he came home.
Now for some chinese...
Hubby dropped off one son to play football, then off to do the week's food shopping (and neighbour's shopping) with our other son.
I meanwhile had a soak in the bath.
Once out I chilled out reading today's newspaper.
 Stewart Copeland  is an American musician and composer. He rose to prominence as the drummer of the English rock band the Police. He has also produced film and video game soundtracks and written various pieces of music for ballet, opera, and orchestra. His composing work includes the films Wall Street, Good Burger, and We Are Your Friends; the TV series The Equalizer, Dead Like Me, and The Amanda Show; and the video games Alone in the Dark 4 and the Spyro series. Copeland was ranked the 10th best drummer of all time by Rolling Stone in 2016. According to MusicRadar, his "distinctive drum sound and uniqueness of style has made him one of the most popular drummers to ever get behind a drumset". He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the Police in 2003, the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame in 2005, and the Classic Drummer Hall of Fame in 2013.
He is 69 years old 🎈
 Once everyone was back.
We caught up with today's news.
Then to sleep on top of the duvet as it is still warm!