Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Is It Airwolf?

I find nothing more depressing than optimism - Paul Fussell
Welcome to my Hump of the Week🐪
 I had a warm hug and a hot cup of tea↑
Has breakfast
Gets dressed.
Off on our daily walk↓
 Nice and quiet↓
 Gets back home.
Hubby goes to work↓
My Amazon order has arrived↓
 Coffee and nibble time↓
 Sits outside for an hour↓
 Playtime with Kenny↓
 In need of a Boost↓
 The Banana Bread has been made↓
 Light lunch time↓
 Getting the sun to my legs↓
 I enjoyed the sunshine,
While hubby went to back to work.
Later on, it was Tea at 3pm↓
 We got 3/6 on the TV Themes Quiz.
My youngest brother came round to pick up some boxes I had collected for him.
He gave me a Pink Princess car↓
 The Pink Princess is back↑
He emptied the skip of metal and boxes.
Took away the old hi-fi unit of my late dad's.
As it didn't work.
He asked "What happened to your old washing machine and dishwasher?"
I replied,"I gave them away free, to some people who was starting out...."
"Free!!!!", he shouted....He then said:
"You could have given them to me, I could have made some money on them!"
"Is that what you always think about?
Making money!" I replied to him.
He left in a huff after that.
Evening meal time↓ 
 I made Key Lime Pie↓
 There was a Helicoper flying about↓
 I thought Airwolf has come out of retirement↓
Off to work I go with the helicoper stopping in the sky over my work place.
Nice full moon↓
 Back onto series 4↓
 Hubby kept the bed warm.
I made sure the dishwasher was loaded up!
Now to rub some cold hands on a warm body ;) 

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