Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday, 16 May 2020

Slap And Tickle

When you are eight years old,nothing is any of your business - Lenny Bruce
Welcome to my weekend🎈
I overstayed my welcome in the nice warm bed...(Too much sleep)
For the end result, I had a headache!
Nice hug, cup of tea and headache tablet helped↓
We had a go on the Saturday Morning Quiz on BBC Hereford and Worcester.
We got 8/10 this week 🍾🍾🍾🍾 
 I had breakfast.
Got changed.
Now out in the sunshine↓
 I got my face covering ready!
 First stop was to get the newspaper↓
 Off to visit a garden centre.
The trolley was wiped down before we took it in.
Mmm there are some nice flowers in there↓
 I got my nice stuff for the garden↓
 The car was loaded up.
We tried to visit the Farm Shop, but the queue was too big. We will try tomorrow.
Next stop....
 I got three different type of runner bean plants plus an onion plant to put in the garden when I get back.
I didn't help the scanner I got, wouldn't scan my card or the food I got...
Had to scan all the items myself.
(It didn't like scanning the reduced food I got in my trolley!)
Back home to unload everything↓
 Anyone fancy a bit of Slap and Tickle?
 A late lunch↓
 Potted all the plants in the front and around the back....
1/2 bag of compost left!
Will have to be careful when I am getting more plants tomorrow!
Now to sit and enjoy the sunshine↓
 Get them legs nice and tanned↓
 Tea Break time↓
 I emailed the gardening programme on BBC Hereford and Worcester on what this bush was called...
We cut the bush back, and it keeps growing back↓
(I will get the answer tomorrow!)
 We had salmon burgers and a sweet potato burgers for our evening meal.
 I had to catch up with the newspapers of the week....
Hill Street Blues Season 5
After 5 episodes...
It was time to get into that warm bed with very warm hands!


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