Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday, 5 March 2018

Trying It, Leaving It, Then Singing It.

The wobbly Monday wheel is back...
I was up early enjoying a sneaky cuppa..
Hubby is back to work,
The kids are back to school..\o/
The snow is slowly leaving us...
 I gave everyone a big đź’‹
Before they all left.
Done a mass tidy up.
All the windows open to let some fresh air in.
That better!
Nibbles time..↓
 I started on a Poetry course at last...
After two hours of brain burn...
Lunch is needed!
 My gifts for my mum for Mother's Day arrived.
I am now completed the third of the eleven parts of the Poetry Course...
I'm leaving it now until tomorrow.
I need to rest the brain....
Just going to chill to some nice 70's music, 
Perhaps some light singing along too....



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