Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

When One Scratch, Puts Paid To That!

Welcome to a cold Hump of the Week.
Still feeling cold.
(Even wearing the hat)
Had a two hour lie-in to try and get rid of a headache I had....
Then I heard Stephen Hawking
 Jim Bowen

 had died :( 
At least one of my favourite actors celebrated his  Birthday today :)
Sir Michael Caine is 85 years young \o/
I popped around to see my neighbour who has come out of hospital.
(He liked the card I made)
 I was going to do some baking,
But I will leave it for tomorrow...
I enjoyed more House MD
with some Lemsip.
It didn't help disc 5 having a scratch on it.
So I missed 2 out of 4 episodes,as they wouldn't play :(
Going to make more off↓↓
 While catching up with Bake Off (Stand Up To Cancer) from last night...
It will give me hope for my baking fun tomorrow with Kenny... 

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