Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Fanning The Flames

I was up far too early on Saturday.
I had a good reason...
"Sound of the Sixties!"
 No going back to bed afterwards..
I had my "Star Baker" apron arrive.
Food shopping to do... 
 Hubby went left,
I went right...
 A lovely pink sewing machine :)
 Dropped off shopping at home.
Went for a eye test....
Need new glasses...
Enjoyed a much needed coffee...
 I popped into see my dad.
Then back home.
Netflix are showing the whole Great British Bake Off Series...
We watched the first series.
Hubby wasn't feeling very well.
Out came the Hot Toddy.
 Hubby looking a bit green..
(He wont be eating his big Easter Egg just yet) 
Now to fan the hubby, to get his temperature down...

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