Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday, 26 March 2018

Big Big Sunglasses Time...

Welcome to the cold *Monday Feeling*
Nice to have a coffee & smile :)
I caught up on some reading of the weekend's newspapers..
Out comes the feather duster...
(A quick dust about)
Time to reach for those big big sunglasses
 Nice bit of sunshine...
Swept the path clean....↑↑
Liquid Lunch ↓↓↓
 Going to try to make a Felt Wreath.
I raided my felt stash...
 I have half way to go, used over 25 squares of felt, got only 7 squares left....😢
Had to order some more off Amazon...\o/
Chop chop..
 Meat free Monday...
Stir fry with Quail Eggs.... 
More reading to do,
Final episodes of season 7 to watch...
More coffee, & crafting to do tomorrow......\o/



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