Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

You Can Never Tell When You Shop Around!

Welcome to my Monday...
Goodbye to sunshine 👋
 Hello to the horrible wet weather.☔
Before my coffee and chat, 
I had a look around the store...
Kids lunchbox = £9!!!
Mop with handle = £4.50!!!
Went for my coffee and chat
 Saw a load of people while I was in there.
  1. Previous customers, I delivered their mail 
  2. One ex-worker from my old Job 2
(No love lost seeing her again!!)
Got soaked going back to Larry.
Next stop to Asda.
Kids lunchbox= £1.50
(that's better!)
Mop with handle = £2.50
(even better)
Good job Larry could handle the shopping..
 Saved a bit of money by shopping around :)
Even had blue skies towards the end of the day...
Could it be time for those big sunglasses to come out tomorrow???

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