Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday, 3 March 2017

The Need For Some Friday Feeling....

After all the tears and goodbyes from yesterday,
Time for some Friday Feeling...!
As soon as I left to do the first part of Job 1
It started to rain..very heavily....
Out came the boots....
Dried out the sexy lumo coat when I got home.
I'm still upset after loss of my dad's dog,Bella yesterday.
I visited my dad.
He was watching a Peter 'O Toole film,
 I did tell him we have seen it before.
"I haven't " he replied.
I then tell him of the first hour's plot of the film....
He still didn't admit I was right....
I couldn't watch the whole movie,
As I have to stop the traffic for the final shift of the week!
I Dodged,Dipped,Dived,Ducked & Dodged the rain for the afternoon shift!


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