Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Three In A Bed

The house was looking like a shiny new pin.
As I was having a VIP visiting...
Once I had cleaned my kitchen,
I noticed a few jobs to do in the near future.
  1. Add more tiles behind the oven,
  2. Add new wallpaper to the wall which carries on from the tiles
The red carpet was laid for my VIP.
He came,chatted, checked the boiler, and the chain on the oven.
Then left.....
More further excitement...
The spirit of my late mum tried to cuddle up with dad, in bed last night.
 This will be the last time,
As someone is coming try and remove her spirit on Thursday :(
My door is always open for a visit.....
I'm sure hubby won't mind a threesome in bed....


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