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Friday, 31 December 2021

Rolling, Rolling Into The New Year!

May all your troubles last long as your New Year 's resolutions -
Joey Adams.
New Year's Eve 
Welcome to my Friday Feeling πŸ’‹
Nice big warm hug.
Goes back to sleep,
Wakes up 8.30am!
Gets up son,
(Who is supposed to be in by 9am!)
Cuts three pieces of Christmas cake.
Just about to leave the house and it starts raining.
Puts on the rain mac.
Now to leave the house.
I gets the newspaper on the way.
Drops off son with 2 pieces of Christmas cake.
Then off to see my friend with other piece of Christmas cake.
Has a nice chat, coffee.
Wishes her a Happy New Year.
Gets back home.
 Hubby had took all the things off the bathroom wall, ready to apply some nice blue paint to the walls.
The Dunelm order I put in on Christmas Eve, which was supposed to be ready for yesterday, isn't ready, which doesn't help that I had ordered some rollers to paint the wall with!
I put a Click and Collect order with Screwfix for some rollers,
(I checked they had some in stock before I ordered them.)
We went out to Morrisons to get some bits.
(Hoping I would get the text message to pick up the rollers while I was out)
We have a easy lunch when we got back.
With some much needed coffee.
I opened my packets that came this morning.
It didn't help the one sat in the chair, the arm had broken off in the process of being delivered.
Do you think I could find my super glue?
One of the kids used it last time, and didn't give me back!
I had to go and order some more!
I went to see how hubby was doing on painting the bathroom.
As we had no paint rollers,he had to use a paint brush instead.
I put my hand on a bit of newly painted wall.
I had a nice blue hand ;) 
Time to relax with coffee.
Now to write yesterday's blog post.
Still nothing from Screwfix.
(It is now shut until Sunday)
I have tried to cancel my Dunelm order as my order has frozen in time!
Time for a much needed drink as well.
 Boxes up the Nutcracker Soldiers
Christmas House.
As the Christmas Decs are coming down tomorrow.
Hubby starts on his Rum...
We had some party food to eat.
We caught up on a tv programme we recorded earlier on in the week about Terry Wogan.
Wogan:Now You're Talking.
Then onto 
"Have I Got News For You" Best of 2021.
Quick look into today's newspaper.
Eric Nelson  known professionally as Ricky Nelson, was an American singer, musician, and actor.
He died on this day in 1985 aged 45. 
Dean Ford (born Thomas McAleese ) was a Scottish singer and songwriter best known for his tenure as lead vocalist and frontman of the beat pop group Marmalade from 1966 to 1974. Ford (credited as McAleese) co-wrote the group's worldwide hit "Reflections of My Life" with fellow band member Junior Campbell. "Reflections of My Life" has sold more than two million units globally, and in 1998 the writers were awarded a Special Citation of Achievement by BMI for attaining radio broadcast performances in excess of one million in the U.S. alone.
He died on this day in 2018 aged 73.
The Monkee's "I'm a Believer" hits #1 & stays there for 7 weeks in 1966.
The rum is going down ↓↓
Sleep Tea Time.
Time for the Bongs and Fireworks...
Off to the first sleep of 2022!
Happy New Year Everyone! 


Friday, 10 December 2021

Lucky 7 Limbo Dancers!

I celebrate myself, and sing myself - Walt Whitman
Welcome back to the Friday Feeling 🎈
Nice big hug.
Brew with Breakfast.
Thermal vest goes on,
As well as the Christmas Jumper.
I gives hubby a sloppy wet oneπŸ’‹ before I leave.
Time for the 2 winter hats and winter gloves.
I put on my lights.
Now to walk down to my spot.
In the space of 10 minutes of starting.
Two cars went straight under my stick without even stopping.A third truck with a large metal wheel on the back, went under my stick.
My stick nearly hit the wheel as it went under my stick!
(It going to be one of those days!)
Some car driver had to use their brake quickly!
As least  I survived in one piece!
I moved the car to the Co-op car park.
I used the Public Loos, so cold was that toilet seat! Plus having so many layers to pull up!
I picked up my lucky bags on the way back to meet my friend in the car park.
Now off for chat, coffee and nibble!
Sourdough toast with marmite :)
Americano with blue milk!
I had another Americano, it tasted so nice!
Nice crane shot when we left the coffee shop.
Then we visited the Charity shop.
(Got some nice things in there)
On the way back to the car park.
One of my friends who I rabbit to was coming down in the High Street in his car.
Then as he parked in the same car park we were, I crept up behind when he was getting his mask,
"Don't forget the mask!" I whispered to him.
I said see u later to him.
Gave my friend some carrot cake that was in the magic bag.
Now to fetch the newpaper on the way home.
Unpacked everything.
Cut the voucher out for Lidl which will come in useful....
What's behind the Advent Door today?
Now to for the final shift of the week.
On goes the 2 winter hats and gloves.
I got two brownies for my two friends.
I walks up the road to turn on my lights.
Now to walk down to have a rabbit with my friends.
Gave out the brownies.
I wished them all a good weekend.
Last final week than I break up for the Christmas Holidays.
The low lying sun wasn't helping...
Still no excuse for what was happening!
Oh dear, I had 7 cars do the limbo dance under my stick in the space of 20 minutes.
One green mini just put his foot down and went straight under my stick which was straight in front of me!
There would have been 7 tap and cracks if I lowered that stick even lower!
Parents couldn't believe what they were seeing.
One cyclist couldn't wait for me to cross him over, straight over into moving traffic!
I am glad I finished in one piece.
Home time.
I put the pies in the oven.
The veg was going on 20 minutes before the pies were ready.
I tried to put on the linings on the window in the hall. It was getting very frustrating,as I couldn't get the curtains off due to the curtain pole ends not being able to be took off!
I left it, and put the kettle on for a much needed brew!
Now to carry on writing some blog posts.
Hubby came back and was rewarded with a sloppy wet  πŸ’‹
Now to dish up the tea!
After a while, hubby started going cold and blowing hot.
No food shopping for him!
That will be done tomorrow instead.
Quick look into the newspaper.
Peter Sarstedt briefly billed early in his career as Peter Lincoln, was an English singer-songwriter and instrumentalist. He was the brother of musicians Eden Kane and Clive Sarstedt.
Although his music was classified as pop, it generally encompassed ballads derived from traditional folk music rather than traditional rock and roll. He was best known for writing and performing the song "Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)?", which topped the UK Singles Chart in 1969. Set to a "faux European waltz tune" and described as "a romantic novel in song", it won an Ivor Novello Award. The record remained Sarstedt's biggest hit. He had 1 more hit single and 1 hit album but despite numerous releases never had chart success again. 
He would have been 80 years old 🎈
He sadly died aged 75 in 2017.
Paul  Hardcastle is a British composer, musician, producer, songwriter, radio presenter and multi-instrumentalist. He is best known for his song "19", which went to number 1 in the UK Singles Chart in 1985. 
He is 64 years old 🎈 
Richard  Castellano  was an American actor who is best remembered for his role in Lovers and Other Strangers and his subsequent role as Peter Clemenza in The Godfather.
He sadly died aged 55 in 1988. 
Faron Young  was an American country music producer, musician, and songwriter from the early 1950s into the mid-1980s. Hits including "If You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin')" and "Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young" marked him as a honky-tonk singer in sound and personal style; and his chart-topping singles "Hello Walls" and "It's Four in the Morning" showed his versatility as a vocalist. Known as the Hillbilly Heartthrob, and following a singing cowboy film role as the Young Sheriff, Young's singles charted for more than 30 years. In failing health, he committed suicide at 64 on this day in 1996. 
Michael Nesmith  was an American musician, songwriter, actor, producer, and novelist. He was best known as a member of the pop rock band the Monkees and co-star of the TV series The Monkees (1966–1968). Nesmith's songwriting credits include "Different Drum," which became a hit for Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Poneys.
After the break-up of the Monkees, Nesmith continued his successful songwriting and performing career, first with the seminal country rock group the First National Band, with whom he had a top-40 hit, "Joanne", and then as a solo artist. He played a 12-string guitar, performing on a custom-built Gretsch electric during his time with the Monkees and various 12-string acoustic models during his post-Monkees career.
He was also an executive producer of the film Repo Man (1984). In 1981, Nesmith won the first Grammy Award given for Video of the Year for his hour-long television show, Elephant Parts.
He sadly died aged 78 in 2021. 
My son checked on my brother's van as the car tax was due on the 1st December.
Oh dear.
Sleep Tea time.
Now to celebrate some Friday Feeling in bed 🎈