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Tuesday 7 August 2018

A Bit On The Heavy Side..

Welcome to my Tuesday...
Going to try to start on the cake today....

The sunshine is back again..
Sexy Beast was having a rest today.
My kids walked over to see Granddad and deliver his newspaper.
I, on the other hand,
Had a date with Henry....

I enjoyed that little play.
More washing added to the line outside...
Had a light lunch ...
 While catching up with Bake Off series 6.
While at Job,
I was asked about the new book...
 "How's the new book going?"
 "Fine, nearly finished it," I replied.
 "I am looking forward to reading it," He said.
 "So am I, I have finished the book in my head, just got to write it down...!!!"I laughed.
While cleaning the toilets, someone said to me..
"I'm overweight.."
"Really?" I asked, looking puzzled.
"Going to have some take some off.."He replied.
"Oh,"I replied.
He then showed me the truck, he started to take stuff off the back...
Oh those double meanings get me into trouble sometimes...
After I finished, I enjoyed a lolly to cool down.
 Now for some chop chop for tea...
 Pasta twirls with:
 Garlic cheese sauce,
 Spring onions,
 Can of tuna 
More Garlic.... 
Before I started to water the plants...
We had a nice red finish to Tuesday.
 I had a new visitor in the garden.
 Back on the walking hump tomorrow..
Hopefully it won't be too hot....😎