Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Wednesday 23 August 2023

Summer Holiday Part Two!

I don't have ulcers. I give them - Harry Cohn
Welcome to the Hump of the Week 🐫
Breakfast and Brew.
Packed more things ready for the holiday.
Coffee time.
Done some last minute housework.
Early lunch.
Someone came from the Councils to have a look at our draughty windows.
The windows needed replacing he said.
After he went.
We loaded up the car.
Off we go...
Onto the motorway we go.
We have a break half way to the hotel.
Funny Private Eye Front Cover↓
Booze a bit expensive↓↓
Nibble time.
Back on the motorway...
Another stop....
Back onto the motorway...
We finally find the hotel we are stopping for one night. No signposts for it!
When we check in, she said our card was declined. We paid again......
Off to our room.
We had our tea.
Now to go and have explore.
The owner of the dog didn't read the signs to keep your dog on a lead, it was chasing the ducks back into the lake, with the owner looking on his phone!
Back to the hotel for a drink.
While we were enjoying our drinks.
One guest was having a go at the manager for knocking on his door, asking for payment for the room. The guest has asked a member of staff when he booked in, that he could pay on his leaving day. He wasn't going to pay  and stormed off to his room.
We left to our room.
We found out that we had paid twice for our room. Our card hadn't been declined at all!
Going to sort this out tomorrow before we leave!
Now to test out the bed!

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