Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday 14 August 2023

One Squeaky Bottom!

I have a large seashell collection, which I keep scattered on beaches all over the world. Maybe you've seen it? - Steven Wright
Welcome to the Monday Motivation 🎈🎈
No sunshine yet!
Breakfast and Brew time.
I leave the same time as hubby.
I gives hubby a sloppy wet one 💋 before I leave.
Nips into Morrisons to get the newspaper and bits...
Great show :)
Gets my bits and leaves.
Back home.
Has to dry the washing in the house.
Unloads and loads up dishwasher.
Coffee time.
Goes on to write 4 blog posts.
Liquid lunch time.
Then out for a chat, coffee and fussy of a nice dog...
Gives doggy the squeaky unicorn.
We could hear squeak, squeak, squeak.
Then after half an hour, no squeaking....
The dog had tore it in half and had the head in its mouth, and the squeaky bottom half was in the garden!
At least it lasted half an hour!
Had another coffee and chat.
Wished them a good holiday, and back home I went.
Time for a early tea.
Looked into today's newspaper.
Now to carry on watching a series on Netflix.
The Brill Building in 4 Songs:
When Country Goes Pop
Auto - Tune
Garden lights are looking nice.
Sleep tea time.
Off to a warm bed with some warm hands....




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