Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday 12 August 2023

More Sequins....!

A couch is good for one thing only - John Wayne
Welcome to my Busy Saturday 👍
I work up early, and left Sleepy Beauty along to sleep.
I had a cup of brew and listened to "Sounds of 
the 60s"
There was no top 3 singles this week :(
Hubby came down and we had breakfast upstairs. Got dressed after writing out the shopping list.
Now for a ride out....
Gets to Bromsgrove.
Armed with my pink trolley.
Loads of charity shops to explore.
Got some right bargains!
Back to the car.
Now to do some food shopping.
Got the shopping.
Coffee with nibble↓
Back home to unpack the car.
Puts the shopping away.
Loads of bargains↓
Nice musical box for Christmas↓
The bunting goes up in the Craft room.
I noticed the sunflower I had been growing and had got to 4ft, the head had broken off :(
Just touched the small hand of the clock I bought, and it broke off!
Time for some liquid lunch!
Quick look into today's newspaper.
Now to make tonight's tea.
As older son is coming to visit...
In goes the casserole dish↓
Older son arrived and we all caught up with everything.
Tea was dished up.
Now to watch a good film!
Once it was finished, I dropped off older son back home.
Back home for some sleep tea.
Now for a bit of telly....↓
Off to bed a bit earlier than most Saturday Nights....



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