Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday, 2 March 2020

Now You See It, Now You Don't!

Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels - Bob Thaves
Welcome to being onboard my Wobbly Work Wheel 🎡
I didn't cover up Sexy Beast last night...
Oh dear, it's scrape time later...
But first hug and tea↓
 I made sure those thermal knickers were put on!
I gave everyone their sloppy 💋💋💋
before I left the house↓
 Frigging cold↑
Down to Lollipop job.
The tree picture↓
 It started to warm up.
The stinky blue van is still spewing out clouds of diesel.Someone wondered if it has got a MOT.....
I finished in one piece.
Back home to move the lorry that was blocking my drive...
  The lorry went back over the drive again↑↑
Some things I had to catch up.
Empty bins.
Load up dishwasher.
Coffee and early lunch↓
The lorry went....
Big sunglasses time
 More singing to do↓
The first Papershop didn't have my newspaper in.Off to the next shop.While I went in to get the newspaper, one red car was waiting for the traffic lights to change.I came out, it was still waiting.I wasn't going to wait.Someone came out to the driver to tell him to move the car under the sensor.I turned around, went all round the reakin' to the traffic lights,only for them to turn red on me, and the lights turned green for the red car!
I finally got to read my newspaper before work!
 Some good films on tonight↓
Al Waxman,  was a Canadian actor and director of over 1000 productions on radio, television, film, and stage. He is best known for his starring roles in the television series King of Kensington (CBC) and Cagney & Lacey (CBS).He would have been 85 years old🎈
 He died aged 65 years old in 2001.
 Karen Carpenter, American vocalist and drummer (We Only Just Begun),would have been 70 years old🎈

She died aged 32 years old in 1983
Dusty Springfield [Mary O'Brien], English vocalist (Growing Pains), died  aged 59 in 1999.
 I looked across the fields of fun↓
I gets in.
I had two more Birthday cards :)
They asked how my Birthday went.
I replied,"The food was great, the 4 tog on the bed was not nice, and even the dancing cobweb had more fun than me!"
I got my rollers to move even faster than normal↓
I left with a nice red face...
Back to more singing↓
 I guessed the year right ;)
Back home.
 Coffee and nibbles↓
 Great Birthday cards↓
 My son's waistcoat arrived for his prom in June.
(The tie came yesterday, suit jacket will come on Friday.Got everything else already!)
This afternoon's tree picture↓
The fun with the low lying sun.
I chatted with some of the parents before I started.I repeated what I said earlier on.
 "The food was great, the 4 tog on the bed was not nice, and even the dancing cobweb had more fun than me!"
It seems my Lollypop stick was turning invisible as some point during my shift!
I could see it, but the car drivers couldn't!
One woman has to slam her brakes on, as I was walking back to the pavement when she suddenly started to drive off!
I finished in one piece JUST! 
Back home to enjoy a much needed coffee!
Both kids got spot the intro
Oasis - Wonderwall.
If they had played my favourite cover of it, they wouldn't have got it so quick...
(It's at the end of the blog)
Now onto The Happy Place Of Work.
I had to redo the polishing of desks, I did on Friday....Mutterings of someone had to hoover some biscuit crumbs off the floor of an office!
There were no crumbs on the floor when I finished on Friday....!
 They asked how my Birthday went.
I replied with:
 "The food was great, the 4 tog on the bed was not nice, and even the dancing cobweb had more fun than me!"
Now more music to work to...↓
 Back home to have a nice Stir Fry↓
Then off to burn that off with work and singing....↓
The rollers were kicked off...↓
 Now to enjoy my King size bed 🛏



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