Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

How Long Will It Last?

Don't rule out working with your hands.It does not preclude using your head - Andy Rooney
Welcome to my Tuesday🎈
Hubby will find out if he is working from home tomorrow \o/
The alarm went off the normal time.
Now for hugs and a cuppa↓
 I had a lift to the newspaper shop from hubby.
At least the sun is out↓
 Gave hubby a big sloppy💋
He went off the work.
I walked back home.
 Sunshine time 😎
Quick look in the newspaper↓
 Nick Lowe, is an English singer-songwriter, musician and producer. A noted figure in power pop and new wave. Lowe has recorded a string of well-reviewed solo albums. Along with vocals, Lowe plays guitar, bass guitar, piano and harmonica.He is 71 years old 🎈
 Richard Widmark  was an American film, stage, and television actor and producer.He died aged 93 in 2008.
 Coffee and nibble↓
 I carried on updating the blog...
Good job I can remember what I did 2 weeks ago!
Light lunch time↓
 I have only 5 blog entries left.
I felt so drained.
(The lesson here, is to space my time on the computer!)
Coffee and nibble↓
 Hubby came back with all the things needed to work from home tomorrow \o/
We had a nice fish tea.
I don't know how long it will be,
Before I get laid off from my two domestic jobs.
(Can't do these from home ;()
I will be going to the Happy Place Of Work tomorrow morning.
Instead I went off to the other job with some great tunes↓
  I was so tired when I got back.
Off to bed I went.....
It must be a first,
 Bed before 9.40pm!
Tomorrow may be a Sunny Hump Day,
It's the first day hubby is working from home......


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