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Wednesday 8 November 2023

More Rainbows Added!

I won't say I'm out of condition now, but I'm even puff going downstairs - Dick Gregory.
Welcome to my cloudy Hump of the Week 🐫
Breakfast and Brew.
On goes those sexy lumo trousers.
(rain is forecast this morning)
Out of the house I go.
I gives hubby a sloppy wet one πŸ’‹ before I leave.
On goes my winter hat, winter coat and waterproof shoes.
Walks down the road to turn on my lights.
Collects my newspaper on the way back up.
The Christmas Angel is up...
Now to fetch my big stick.
Off to turn on my other lights.
No low lying sun to worry about...
3 BOINGS were given out as they were just driving under my raised stick!
At least the rain kept away! 
Finished in one piece.
Popped into the Village Hall on Council business.
Then it was time to go....
 Fill up Sexy Beast.
Back home I go.
Puts the 3 recycle bins out for tomorrow.
Cup of coffee is needed.
I writes yesterday's blog post.
Then to sort out tonight's tea....
Lamb meatballs were pan fried with mushrooms, red onions, and garlic.
Put together in a dish with a can of chopped tomatoes.
In the oven for later.
Loaded up the dishwasher.
The Postman delivered my new rainbow bunting.
No liquid lunch today.
Salad time instead.
I had a chat with hubby on his lunchbreak.
There was a lot of noise coming from next door earlier....
Someone had took the door of the storage part next to the outside toilet↓
The last of the bamboo had been chopped down.
Now to go to work..
On goes my winter coat and summer hat.
Turns on my lights and walks down to the Charity Shop.
I did actually buy two things.
One for my seaside themed bathroom and my sequin teddies in my craft room.
One friend turned up, he had dropped mushy peas down the front of him.
I have a large pink plastic bib if he wants to borrow it.
Said goodbye to the staff in the Charity Shop.
Turns on my other lights.
Looks at the Christmas Tree in one shop.
One friend whose phone had died, and had no other money, was dropping hints on buying some cake.
However, just had my lunch wasn't hungry so we left empty handed.
Goes back to Sexy Beast to fetch my big stick. 
Then back to the square for a rabbit..
I said goodbye to my friends just before I started.
I saw another friend who having chemo for Cancer. He is looking so thin.
I did offer my spare two chins to keep his neck warm. His friends have been asking me if I had seen him since I came back. I did ask him he was being asked about. He has just spend two days in hospital. His wife was taking him back to Hospital for a check up. He forgot his phone, he went back in for it. His wife came and picked him up.
I'm having more trouble with the low lying sun again.
The cars are still struggling to stop.
Some BOINGs given out to the cars on the otherside of the road.
Finished in one piece.
Home time.
Now to put up the new bunting up.
My little friend came visiting↓
My little robin.
Now for a much needed cup of brew.
The sequin seal went with the other sequin teddies↓↓
Started watching about John Gotti again.
Hubby came home and had a sloppy wet one πŸ’‹
Tea is served↓↓
I had a look in today's newspaper.
We carried on watching about John Gotti.
Sleep tea time.
Off to a warm bed with a even warmer hubby ;)




Thursday 6 February 2020

Surprise Time!

Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-conidence - Robert Frost
Welcome to my Thursday.
I am still coming to terms with the death of my lovely dad..:'(
Thermal knickers get put on... 
I had a lovely hug and cup of tea↓
 I gave everyone their sloppy πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
Out of the door I go↓
 Today's tree picture↓
 The final picture before I start work↓
 I see two car drivers using their mobile phones while driving...
I saw two Tanks...
(Car drivers not clearing their windscreens!)
It was freezing cold!
However, due to my thermals,
I wasn't feeling it \o/
I finished in one piece.
Back home↓
 The Robin is back↓
 Coffee and nibble↓
 Hubby and I share some soup....↓
 Hubby had got the newspaper earlier.
Patrick Macnee, British actor (The Avengers, Magnum, P.I., Sherlock Holmes),would have been 98 years old 🎈
He died aged 93 in 2017.
 Frankie Laine [Francesco Paolo LoVecchio], Italian-American singer, songwriter, and actor (Frankie Laine Show, Rawhide), died of heart failure at 93 years old in 2007.
 James Whitmore, American actor (The Shawshank Redemption, Give 'em Hell Harry), dies of lung cancer aged 87 years old in 2009.
 It seems I won't be getting my keys to my dad's house just yet. My dad had borrowed my keys, and surprise surprise, my brothers can't find them, so I am locked out and can't visit my dad's house :'(
Now back to do my afternoon shift of Lollipop🍭
 Low lying sun again↓
 It wasn't busy like it will be tomorrow...
I finish in one piece.
Back home.
I get go to The Happy Place Of Work..
Tea is ready for me when I got back.
A lovely Meat-free meal↓ 
 We have a surprise visitor.
Someone who I haven't seen for four years!
Our kids were glad to see him again!
I took a reunion picture.
 I said goodbye to him...
I went off to do my final job of the day with some great music↓
 We catch up with today's news...
Followed by a rush to a warm bed....
As the Friday Feeling 🎈 is back tomorrow!