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Saturday, 26 February 2022

Wow, Wow , & Wow!

Never do anything in bed that you can't pronounce - Mitch Murray
Welcome to my early Birthday Celebrations 🎈
Nice hug to start Saturday with...
Breakfast with brew.
Now to listen to "Sounds of the 60s"
Top 3 from 1961. 
Elvis Presley - Are You Lonesome Tonight?
Petula Clark - Sailor
The Everly Brothers -Walk Right Back
On goes the the thermal vest.
My new gas cooker was being delivered between 9am -11am.
Now to drop off son at work.
Dropped off son.
Then to get some petrol for Sexy Beast.
Every pump was being used when I got to the Petrol Station. There was a panic buying of petrol last night in Redditch!
The cashier couldn't believe how many people he served last night for petrol. I just shook my head and paid for my small amount of petrol! 
I gets home. 
 Coffee Time
The Gas Engineer we normally use to install our cookers was free at 1pm to uninstall and install the new cooker.
I had a blog post to write....
The new gas cooker arrived in the time it was due.
3 years ago, I had my old cooker fitted in.
We had a early lunch.
The Gas Engineer came.
We had a catch up since last time we met.
He caught Covid from going to Cheltenham Races in March 2020.
He was that bad for 4 months, and lost 4 stone in weight. His brother also caught Covid and has scaring of the lungs.
Then he showed me how much his gas and electric bill is going up next month....
He uninstalled the old oven and installed the news one.
We paid him and thanked him for coming.
Now I have to go my Tarot/Crystal Course.
Really good time was had by all.
The group sung "Happy Birthday " to me.
We practiced Chakra Healing again.
I bought some more nice incense.
Got a lift back home.
Finished off blog post,
While hubby christened the new oven.
Tea time.
We watched another episode of "Fame" season 2.
I recognised a young actor who appeared in Godfather 2 and City Slickers.
Bruno Kirby.
We packed the overnight bags.
Left the house...
We got to the nice hotel.
Reception area.
The Receptionist was so friendly.
She asked,"Where we had been for Tea?"
"Home," I replied.
We signed for the key.
Now to explore the room!
Now to go downstairs for a drink.
We had a look about before we went back to our room.
Now to bed we go.....


Friday, 18 October 2019

Stuck For Another One!

Your best side?My dear, you're sitting on it - Alfred Hitchcock
Woo hoo it's finally here🎈
 My new bedroom curtains are up↑↑↑
My late mum's curtains, over the small bedroom window. (she made over 40 years)↓↓↓
Opened the new curtains..
The sun is coming up↗↗↗
 I enjoyed a warm hug and a cup of tea with hubby.
I gave everyone wet πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ before they left the house.
I too had to leave early.
 It's still too cold.
I had to take a detour as the main road I normally use is closed, due to a broken water main.
Now to enjoy being B3
 I pick up my Lakeland order↓
 That would look so nice in my Living Room↓
 Even better in my bedroom↑↑↑
Coffee,nibbles and yak time↓
 I said goodbye to my friend.
Off to work I go.
Quick look in the newspaper.
 Chuck Berry  would have been 93 years old🎈
He died aged 90 in 2017
Joe Egan, Scottish musician (Stealers Wheel)
He co-wrote "Stuck In the Middle Of You" with  Gerry Rafferty.
He is 73 years old.🎈
 (His famous song is at the end of this blog post)
Is it going to rain???
 Boots back on↑
 It is still freezing cold↑
 I enjoyed a coffee with a nibble↓
 I went up to the Happy Place Of Work.
Someone brought in some cakes↓
 Once I came back.
Some new CDs had arrived↓
 I look forward to singing along with these↑
I put on the dishwasher.
I checked the cooker. There is one element not working in the oven, and a strong smell of gas mixed with Rape Seed Oil....
*Can't use it now!* :(
Looks like I have to get yet another cooker.
(I have had this one since January!)
*Second one hubby has broken*
I start to search for a reasonable priced cooker.
Now to burn off this foul mood at the last job of the week↓
 When I get back,
Hubby has found another cooker↓
 Hubby is fetching it tomorrow.
I will get the Plumber out who plumbed the last cooker in to do it.
Hopefully won't be having microwave meals for long ;P