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Tuesday 14 January 2020

Hold On Tight!!!

I think that somehow we learn who we really are and then live with that decision - Eleanor Roosevelt
Welcome to a windy Tuesday🎈
Rain and winds are due later....
I enjoyed a much needed hug and cup of tea in bed↓
 I blew my hubby a πŸ’‹
Gave sloppy πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ to our sons.
Now for me to leave the house↓
 It is still quite cold↓
 The sexy yellow trousers are going on later...
 The view before I turn on the lights.
I still have car drivers not stopping!
It's like they have trouble understanding the word STOP!
No rain or wind to contend with yet!
I finished in one piece.
Back home.
The temperature is going up↗↗
 I had a nice coffee
Followed by a light lunch↓
 I blew hubby a big πŸ’‹
Now out to do more singing...
I went into the paper shop to get my newspaper.I bumped into someone I went to school with,...
He even called me by my maiden name!
(I dropped that surname 17 years ago)
The rain started....
I had a quick peek in the newspaper↓ 
 Billie Jo Spears, American country singer, would have been 83 years old 🎈
She died aged 74 in 2011
Jack Jones, American singer (Love Boat Theme), is 82 years old 🎈
Carl Weathers, American actor (Apollo Creed-Rocky), is 72 years old🎈
Alan Rickman was an English actor and director.He died aged 69 in 2016.
I looked across the fields of fun↓
  I was wearing a great t-shirt...↓
 I had some strange looks on what it was on my t-shirt.....↑↑↑↑
I replied to their looks...
"If you have watched "Guardians Of The Galaxy, you will know what this is↓"
I finished with a nice red face.
More singing along....↓
I just left the car park.Drove down the road, when a black Range Rover was coming towards to me.The driver didn't fancy going through the large puddle on his side, and veered onto my side of the road, I got out of the way, and nearly ended up the trees! 
Gets back on the road,
Arrived home safely!
Now for coffee and nibble↓
 The wind was getting up now.
On goes the sexy yellow trousers.
I blew my hubby a big πŸ’‹
I gets down to my lollipop job🍭↓
The wind and rain is getting up
 The wind was knocking me about in the road.
Some cars were still failing to stop!
One child said to me,"Hold on to the Lollipop tight!"
I suffered from soggy gloves after I finished.
At least the temperature got up to double figures↓
 Gets changed..
Off to the Happy Place of Work
I came across a boxset of videos↓
 Now for some music↓
 It had started to rain when I finished. 
It was nice hubby to cook the tea↓
Off to burn it off and sing some songs↓ 
The rollers were kicked off..
  I had a nice hot shower 
Now to relax.......zzzzzz

Friday 18 October 2019

Stuck For Another One!

Your best side?My dear, you're sitting on it - Alfred Hitchcock
Woo hoo it's finally here🎈
 My new bedroom curtains are up↑↑↑
My late mum's curtains, over the small bedroom window. (she made over 40 years)↓↓↓
Opened the new curtains..
The sun is coming up↗↗↗
 I enjoyed a warm hug and a cup of tea with hubby.
I gave everyone wet πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ before they left the house.
I too had to leave early.
 It's still too cold.
I had to take a detour as the main road I normally use is closed, due to a broken water main.
Now to enjoy being B3
 I pick up my Lakeland order↓
 That would look so nice in my Living Room↓
 Even better in my bedroom↑↑↑
Coffee,nibbles and yak time↓
 I said goodbye to my friend.
Off to work I go.
Quick look in the newspaper.
 Chuck Berry  would have been 93 years old🎈
He died aged 90 in 2017
Joe Egan, Scottish musician (Stealers Wheel)
He co-wrote "Stuck In the Middle Of You" with  Gerry Rafferty.
He is 73 years old.🎈
 (His famous song is at the end of this blog post)
Is it going to rain???
 Boots back on↑
 It is still freezing cold↑
 I enjoyed a coffee with a nibble↓
 I went up to the Happy Place Of Work.
Someone brought in some cakes↓
 Once I came back.
Some new CDs had arrived↓
 I look forward to singing along with these↑
I put on the dishwasher.
I checked the cooker. There is one element not working in the oven, and a strong smell of gas mixed with Rape Seed Oil....
*Can't use it now!* :(
Looks like I have to get yet another cooker.
(I have had this one since January!)
*Second one hubby has broken*
I start to search for a reasonable priced cooker.
Now to burn off this foul mood at the last job of the week↓
 When I get back,
Hubby has found another cooker↓
 Hubby is fetching it tomorrow.
I will get the Plumber out who plumbed the last cooker in to do it.
Hopefully won't be having microwave meals for long ;P