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Sunday 9 September 2018

Don't Flick It, Lick It, Or Kick It!

We snuck in another lie-in....
😉 🛏
 Coffee in bed...
Marmite on toast
 Finally gets up.
Puts all the washing on the line.
Now for a little trip...
 to the near by lake..
 Off to pick some blackberries..
 Good job the box wasn't ticking!
 There were loads of wild mushrooms growing. My oldest son remembered the saying from First School...
"Don't Flick It, Lick It, Or Kick It!"

 Oh dear hubby has attracted some sticky plants...
 The stream is a bit low..
 The Stats from our little walk around the lake:
1.75 miles
1 hour and 15 minutes
6354 steps....
Drops off our Blackberries.
Now off to:  
 As my favourite butter, I use for baking is on offer at the moment..
 Gets loads of reduced items
Now for the most important item
 Coffee time!↑↑
 Back home to dark clouds..
 Nice read about some lovely Waitrose recipes and nicely priced sandwich to eat too.
Our kids get their things ready for school tomorrow...
I make sure I have enough good CD's to listen & sing along to in my Sexy Beast for the working week.....