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Friday 4 October 2019

Good Timing!

I've lived through some terrible things , some of which actually happened - Mark Twain
It's arrived at last!
 It was nice to enjoy a warm hug and a cup of tea in bed.
 I gave everyone sloppy 💋💋💋 before they left.
I left early as I am having my Webbs Experience.
 There wasn't a lot of traffic,
It was nice to be B3↓
 Now to visit Webbs↓
 A nice swan to sit in↓
 This would look nice in my Living Room↓
 Purple boa↓
 I said hi to the staff in the coffee shop.
Now to enjoy my coffee and food!
 I had a good yak and coffee.
I had a good singalong on the way to work..
When I got to work,
Quick look at the newspaper.
Christoph Waltz is 63 years old 🎈
 Chris Lowe🎈
is an English musician, singer, songwriter and co-founder of the synthpop duo Pet Shop Boys which he formed with Neil Tennant in 1981.
He is 60 years ago.🎈 
The Pet Shop Boys new single is very catchy↓
While singing along with the Pet Shop Boys, I looked across the fields of fun.
Once I got into work...
I thought I was in the film..
 I'm Alright Jack
Involving lots of Time and Motion!
I need a bout of singing while on the way home
 Coffee and nibble time
 Then off to Happy Place of Work.
Yum yum↓
 Once I finished,
I started on our evening meal.
I had a visit from my boss from the Happy Place Of Work.
He was locked out as one member of staff locked gates and factory before he returned.
Good job I have the keys so he could get back in.
I had to email the other boss from the Happy Place Of Work, as I will be late starting as I am starting my 🍭job in 2 weeks.
Mexican Rice, Spicy Pork Chops,& Seasonal Vegetables.
 Then it's off to final job of the week with some great music...↓
We caught up on:
Now to get plenty of warmth from that 16 tog duvet!


Wednesday 8 March 2017

Have You Finished With That Toilet Roll?

Welcome to a wet, damp Hump of the Week
We had panic stations before I left for Job 1
Hubby couldn't find his house keys..
If only he whistles...
They might appear...
 Tidy up time...
Had a quick play with Henry..
The Gerbils are enjoying their new cage...
Even more,
They are chewing loads of....
I have been sourcing supplies from everywhere....
Got to keep my 5 Gerbils happy! 

Monday 14 September 2015

Can It Get Any Better Than This?

Back on the wobbly work wheel.
Gets up at 5am.
Used up the last of the normal coffee.
Off to work in the dark with a smile.
Tried to turn off alarm, it wasn't having any of it!
Had to call on a member of staff at 6am to turn the alarm off.
The day was not going to get any better.
All I seem to be doing is opening and locking doors!
The heavy rain I had while doing my third job and getting wet.
Really made my day complete.
There are reports of us having heavy snow next month.
Best get that snow plow on order just in case!