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Sunday, 22 September 2019

Just Add Glitter...

Beauty is only a light switch away - Austin Powers
Welcome to my Sunday 🎈
I had a much needed lie-in.
Recharge of the batteries!
 Not as much sun as yesterday...
Nice to start of Sunday with.....↓
Just as we were heading off to do some food shopping....the rain started...
(Good job I had my rain mac on!)
 We pop into Aldi's...
Look what I found↓
 I will make my own wreath for Xmas!
Now for coffee and nibble↓
 We went into Morrison's afterwards.
I spotted an ex-boyfriend who I went out with in the late 1990's.
(He hadn't aged well at all!)
Back home to unload all the shopping!
 Found a great badge to wear on my apron at one of my jobs↓
 It was nice to have some liquorice and Peppermint tea :)
 Then we chilled catching up with season 10 of:
 We had a lovely tea of Meatballs, Garlic,Red Onion,Chopped Tomatos with Linguine
  We caught up with Dragon's Den.
 My prodigal brother didn't turn up today to see our dad.
(I guess he has got the car he wanted,
Why bother to come up and see his dad!)
My other brother hasn't been seen for a week.
My hubby says to my dad:
"It shows up people, if you see your son-in law more times than you see your sons in one week!"
Everytime I go round, I kick up a wasp's nest,
& people want words in my ear! 
All the uniforms were ready for tomorrow.
Both son's are baking at school this week.
My Kenny will have to stay where he is until I start on my cake next week...
1-2-3.... before I mount the Wobbly Work Wheel 🎡 tomorrow.... 

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

The Vultures Are Circling...

Children learn more from what you are than what you teach - W.E.B Dubois
Welcome to my Hump of the Week🐪
A nice tea in bed with a warm hug↓
I gave hubby a nice wet 💋 before he left the house.
I have things to do this morning...
Out in the fresh air..↓
 It's getting warmer↓
  New sunglasses on↓

I got the newspaper,
Filled up Sexy Beast .
Next stop another visit to the Man's Cave↓
  I said to the Sale's Assistant who served me:
"I went to school with  your mum!".
(she blushed,and went to get my order)
When she came back, 
I said,"I stalk your mum on FB."
She said,"My mum is on holiday."
I replied, "A nice break away from this town does wonders for the soul!" 
My nice items↓
 Quick look at the newspaper before I get out of Sexy Beast. 
 The temperature is going up↗↗
I sorted out the back garden.
All the cabbages had been ate by caterpillers...
The remaining cabbages were put in the composter.
The washing machine went on 3 times.
Making full use of the sunshine.
All the washing went on the line.
Just keeping a eye on the weather.
I picked some blackberries out in the front garden, and picked the rhubarb that was growing in the back garden.
 Hopefully I will have a second batch of rhubarb later↓
 Early lunch↓
 I had some nice post↓
 After I came back from work,
The Rhubarb,Blackberry, Lemon & Ginger pie was put in the oven.
After our main meal,
It wa ready to eat↓
 After I watched Law and Order,
Off to work I go with some great music↓
I had a phone call from my younger brother.
Moaning on the keepsafe being broken by my Dad's carers for the second time. He wanted me and the prodical brother to pay towards another one!
I laughed.
My response was:
"He, and the prodical brother earn loads more money than me, when I earn the same as them , then I will put money in the pot."
He didn't like that reply.
Further on with the conversation,
"My younger brother is having my dad's Rover SD1 car that is in the garage, while prodical brother had now been given my dad's BMW!!!"
Feels like the vultures are circling... 
I was glad to get home!
Prodical brother was stopping over at my dads for the night, so we didn't need to go over!
After I had my sleep tea...
It was nice to enjoy Hump Day!