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Friday 28 September 2018

Feeling The Blush

It's come round so quick!
Plenty of Friday Feeling to share about \o/
 Cup of tea to start the Friday off with!
Time for Batman to appear!
Had to find out the funny hat,as I might be dishing up the meals later..↓
 Sunshine time....😎

 Hubby had a Macmillian Coffee Morning at his work.
I enjoy jacket potato for lunch↓
 While I was at work, everyone was eating scones with Jam and cream.
One was talking about fresh cream on scones.
I replied to him:
"I prefer whipped cream in a can, it goes on anything, even scones!"
I could feel the blush when I left the room....
Came back to more blue skies...
 We caught up with some:
  Nice sky before the darkness comes.
Then to escape to the bedroom,
To use some hot strawberry flavoured candle on hubby.....

Thursday 27 September 2018

Be Bringing Out The Purple Rabbit Soon...

Welcome to my Thursday.
Nice breakfast in bed.
Out early to do loads before work.
 Out comes the big big sunglasses..
 Quick visit to the GP
(Nice view of the playing fields)
 Had a lovely takeaway Mocha from Morrisons
 Temperature going up and up ↗↗↗

 Some people walking to the Jinney Ring.
 Blue skies!!! \o/
 More lovely music for the Sexy Beast.
To Smell nice...

 Nice little treat ↑↑↑
 There was cake going...
 Perhaps a little dip in the swimming pool after work???
Had a little Dunelm Experience↓↓

 Air Ambulance flying over...↓↓

 It's getting so cold at night...
The purple rabbit onesie might be coming out soon.......🐰 

Sunday 25 February 2018

Say It With....

It was nice to be in bed..
Drinking tea, listening to some Birthday wishes on the radio for Wednesday  
Followed by nibbles...↓↓
Went outside for a short ride....↓
 I visited my mum, and said it with some red roses..🌹🌹🌹
 I got dropped home, while hubby and kids did the food shopping.
I had to have a lemsip,
(As I felt rough)
we had run out of coffee!!!
Hubby had to buy some other kind of coffee.
As Morrisons didn't sell the Costa Rican!
So I ordered a jar from Amazon Pantry instead...
 Time for the kinky black boot to experience some more fresh air....
The Fence got tied back...↓
 We had the moon out...
the sun...😎
Nice blue skies...↑↑ 
 Hubby was wrapped up
As it was just 2c
And the wind chill made it feel freezing...
The tree had a hair cut ready for Spring...
Kids had to get things ready as
Back to school they go tomorrow! 
(After a week's holiday!)