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Wednesday 23 September 2020

No More Bumps In The Road Please!

Self-esteem is the reputation we acquire with ourselves                             - Nathaniel Branden

Welcome to my Hump of the Week🐫
I am hoping for a much better day than yesterday...I wish..
Hug and Brew time↑
As it was raining.
No daily walk until later.
Out in Sexy Beast instead
Comes back to give hubby a sloppy wet πŸ’‹ before he goes to work.
The kids have one each as well πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
Quick load up of the dishwasher.
Wipes down the surfaces of the kitchen.
Now for a much needed coffee
Look in the newspaper↓
Bruce  Springsteen  is an American singer, songwriter, and musician who is both a solo artist and the leader of the E Street Band. A native of the Jersey Shore, he received critical acclaim for his early 1970s albums and attained worldwide fame upon the release of Born to Run in 1975. During a career that has spanned five decades, Springsteen has become known for his poetic and socially conscious lyrics and lengthy, energetic stage performances. He has been given the nickname "The Boss".He has recorded both rock albums and folk-oriented works, and his lyrics often address the experiences and struggles of working-class Americans.
He is 71 years old 🎈
There was only light rain when I left the house.
There is nothing better than singing in heavy rain while driving...
It's a pity I didn't bring my rain mac now.
I had a quick look across the fields of fun
Yet another bad day...
When things are late, then everything goes wrong...
It was still raining when I got into Sexy Beast.
No sitting outside to eat my lunch↓
A good film came to watch at the weekend↓
Pulling my hair out on how Blogger has been updated. Half the time I can't load the pictures up and it is so slow....!
Finally got two blog posts published!
My younger brother phoned.
He has had some more paperwork from my late dad's Solicitor...
It concerns the fittings of my late dad's house.He is coming round to show me and get me to fill out it out. I am looking forward to filling out the feedback form on this Solicitor.
I am the forgotten sibling!  
The day gets even better when I get a text message saying my child maintenance is going down by £40. The review is in November, let's hope the ex-plum has paid off the nearly £1200 in arrears he owed. 
We are taking part in something run by the council...
30 Days of Fitness Challenge.
As soon as hubby came back. 
Back on the walking we go.
3 lengths of the road. We saw a Police Van come down, and go back up the road....
Now to fill it in:
Now to dish up the Pasta Bake for tonight's tea↓

Then I go to work...
Then we have a problem..
The key gets jammed in the padlock!
Then it starts to rain!
Youngest son comes along and hey presto!
The key is free!
Now to start work with a big tune↓
Once I get finished.
We catch up on Judge Rinder
With some sleep tea
Let's hope I don't have any more bumps in the road tomorrow!



Monday 21 September 2020

Just Had Enough Of Monday!

 The further behind I leave the past, the closer I am to forging my own character - Isabelle Eberhardt
Hola Hola Hola!
Welcome aboard  my Wobbly Work Wheel🎑
Hug and Brew↑
Goes off for a daily walk↓
Gets half way and had forgotten my facemask.
Goes home to fetch it,
Too late to carry on with the walk.
Goes in Sexy Beast instead.
Back home.
Give hubby a big sloppy wet πŸ’‹ before he goes off to work.
I make sure kids have a sloppy πŸ’‹ off me before they go back to school.
Loaded up dish-washer.
Put washing out on the line.
Coffee time↓
Quick read of the newspaper↓
Stephen King is an American author of horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, crime, science-fiction, and fantasy novels. His books have sold more than 350 million copies, and many have been adapted into films, television series, miniseries, and comic books. King has published 61 novels, including seven under the pen name Richard Bachman, and five non-fiction books. He has also written approximately 200 short stories, most of which have been published in book collections.He is 73 years old 🎈
Luke  Wilson  is an American actor known for his roles in films such as Idiocracy, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, The Ridiculous 6, Old School, Bottle Rocket, The Royal Tenenbaums, Blue Streak, Bongwater and Legally Blonde. He was a member of the cast of the HBO television series Enlightened (2011–2013) and currently stars as Pat Dugan / S.T.R.I.P.E. on the DC Universe television series Stargirl (2020–present). He is the younger brother of actors Andrew Wilson and Owen Wilson.He is 49 years old 🎈
Michael Edward Lonsdale-Crouch  commonly known as Michael Lonsdale,  was a British-French actor who appeared in over 180 films and television shows. He is best known in the English-speaking world for his roles as the villain Hugo Drax in the 1979 James Bond film Moonraker, the detective Claude Lebel in The Day of the Jackal, and M. Dupont d'Ivry in The Remains of the Day.He died on this day in 2020 aged 89.
Then those big big sunglasses had to come out...
Out in Sexy Beast

Singing along with another CD↓
On my merry way...
I looks across the fields of fun↓
When I thought my day could get any worst, I was wrong..........
I was glad I finished on time.
Back to Sexy Beast to do more singing all the way home!
I felt better when I got home!
Now for some light lunch in the garden
Afterwards I tried to find the new sim card for my mobile that came last week....
It wasn't in the pack when I opened it!!!
All afternoon it took me to actually get through to order another sim card...
The current sim provider has stopped me sending texts and receiving phone calls....
Even better than that, one son's phone is locked to the old provider, and can't get a number to unlock his phone to use the new sim with somebody else!
When hubby came home, I needed to go for a walk to shake off this bad day I am having...
We walked twice up and down the road...
Felt better after that...
Tea time↓
We caught on two more episodes of Season 10 of NYPD Blue.
With some Sleep Tea↓
Really hope this week gets better tomorrow.....




Wednesday 4 March 2015

Never Use A Chocolate Teapot For Tea

I have had one of those  days...
First nearly got run over, as a car didn't want to stop when I was crossing the children over the road.
Discovered the newly washed middle son's school shirts had been thrown out of his window in temper!
Then releasing I have a chocolate teapot as a co-worker :(
Next the right hand passenger window of my car went down and wouldn't come back up...for an hour and half.
It is now the time
to chill with coffee and cake!