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Saturday, 17 March 2018

It's Coming Back...

No chance of a lie in for me.
My wind chimes were banging together.
Downstairs for a cup of tea..↓↓

Listened to Sounds of the 60's....
My favorite song came on...
Turn it up up up Alexa↑↑↑
After I wrote out the shopping list,
Took a cup of tea up to a sleeping hubby.
As we are off to a Craft Event at the NEC tomorrow.
So shopping was being done today.
Once hubby and kids went to do the food shopping.
I made full use of a empty King Size Bed for an hour.
My Bake Off pack arrived...
 Now for coffee and read the latest Lidl mag for offers...↓↓
 When hubby came back,
It started to snow...
 Once its stopped.
Time for a ride out.... 
 Going to enjoy a walk about in here..↓
 Coffee time↓↓
 Newspaper and coffee↓
The snow is coming...⛄
 Gets back home....
Chop chop time.
Whips up....↓
 Pittas with beef, spinach, onions, black olives.
Then we watched countless episodes of
Bullseye from 1983 ↓
 They couldn't get rid of the star prize of the speed boat...
They were showing them until 7am tomorrow morning. We taped the rest, and finally torn ourselves from the television just after midnight.
Looked out of the window.....
The Beast From the East is back! ⛄☃