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Thursday 26 November 2020


The shoe thats fits one person pinches another: there is no recipe for living that suits all cases - Carl Jung
Welcome to my ThursdayπŸ˜’
Hug with Brew.
Nice and cold out there....
Hubby went and got my newspaper.
Before he left for work, I gave him a wet sloppy πŸ’‹.
All the kids had the same πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
My lollipop boss paid a visit.
(See how I'm doing and the knee!)
Nice Xmas cards, hand gel, and facemasks.
I thanked her for coming round.
Put on the dishwasher. 
Now to write up 2 blog posts!
(Best luck with that I thought.)
First I had a snotty email from my late dad's Solicitor, stating that his bank hasn't closed his bank account down yet!
(Her fault for not sending off the form, I might add)
The bank will send the amount by cheque to her and then will have to wait 10 days for it to clear!
(Really, 5 working days normally)
Plus the amount she does have won't be released due her paying some "bills".....
So I can forget about seeing any funds until least February, the way the snail works!
The amount that my younger brother gave her after selling most of my late dad's stuff on ebay wasn't included in the figure.
I am suspecting he has been paid for the invoice he put in for doing a bit of painting in my dad's house
The other Prodical brother has probably been paid also for the invoice he put in too.
I phoned up younger brother, about what the email from the Solictor said.
 Ended up in a shouting match, and as everyone else has been putting invoices in, why can't I put the invoice for the skip I bought during lockdown? 
For all the stuff of my late dad's that I couldn't even give away! 
He would have took it away for the same price of the skip!
No brotherly love there then!
Considering he dumped it here, and disappeared into the distance!
I sent the Solictor the invoice and she will send me the cheque for the skip.
Younger brother went off on one then!
Calling me money obsessed and breaking  up the family for money!
This is the one, who wanted 48 hours notice to come round and put our dad to bed!
Pot calling the Kettle black comes to mind! 
I needed a early lunch after that!
After lunch and I had calmed down.
I carried on finishing writing my blog posts.
My children came home from school.
Telling them about the earlier conversation with my younger brother..
One said, "Mum, have you just realised that he is a arsehole?"
I laughed at that one.
I had some quiet time and caught up with all the newspapers from last Saturday.
Interesting reading.
Now to read todays!
 Norman Milne, known professionally as Michael Holliday was a British singer, who was popular in the late 1950s and early 1960s. He had a number of chart hits in the UK, including two number one singles, "The Story of My Life" and "Starry Eyed"
He would have been 96 years old 🎈
He sadly died aged 38 in 1963 
Last night I was watching a Council Planning on You Tube to see if Lidl's can build a new branch in Redditch.
I won't be able to get my hour back for watching it!
I gave hubby a wet sloppy πŸ’‹ when he returned  from work.
Tea Time.
Roast Chicken Dinner with Crap Apple Jelly.
Then to catch up with 2 back to back episodes of series 19 Hell's Kitchen.
With some Sleep Tea.
So glad the Friday Feeling 🎈 is tomorrow!



Thursday 23 April 2020

Trying To Screw Me Over!

There are things money can't buy.. like manners, morals, and integrity - Hyacil Han
Welcome to another lockdown Thursday!
I enjoyed a hot hug and a nice cup of tea↓
 We had breakfast.
Got dressed.
Now for our daily walk↓
 Road empty↓
 Someone knocked over the sign↓
 The Newsagent didn't have my newspaper in.
We carried on to the next shop.
Skip full of a settee and armchairs↓
 Under the bridge we go↓
 Past my late dad's house↑
We get to Tesco Express.
It was closed until 9.25 for refiling of the shelves.
Off we went to walk home.
Someone could have put their empty wine bottle in their recycle bin↓
 Someone had some nice trees in their garden↓
 I had to go out in Sexy Beast to go to another newsagent a bit further away↓
 They didn't  have my normal newspaper, so I picked another newspaper.
I went past Tesco Express, the man that was waiting when we got there, was still waiting for it to open.
I went past my dad's house, and my younger brother's van was parked over the drive.
Gets back home with the newspaper↓
 Time for coffee and nibbles↓
Roy Orbison  was an American singer, songwriter, and musician known for his impassioned singing style, complex song structures, and dark, emotional ballads. Many critics described his music as operatic, nicknaming him "the Caruso of Rock" and "the Big O"He would have been 84 years old 🎈
 He died aged 52 in 1988
Lee Majors  is an American film, television and voice actor. Majors is best known for portraying the characters of Heath Barkley in the American television Western series The Big Valley (1965–1969), Colonel Steve Austin in the American television science fiction action series The Six Million Dollar Man (1973–1978), and Colt Seavers in American television action series The Fall Guy (1981–1986).He is 81 years old 🎈
 John Miles  is a British rock music vocalist, songwriter, guitarist and keyboard player, best known for his 1976 Top 3 UK hit single, "Music".He won the "Outstanding Musical Achievement" award at the 2017 Progressive Music Awards.He is 71 years old🎈🎈
   I write and publish yesterday's blog.

Time for another coffee and plum↓
 I receive some paperwork from the Solicitor dealing with my dad's estate.
The Prodical son is claiming
£2,200.00 for outstanding invoice for heating works.
(This when he installed the cheap boiler in my dad's house.My younger son said, he saw in my dad's cheque, my dad had wrote out a cheque for the above amount!)
Then another invoice was put in for:
Outstanding invoice for bathroom refurbishment = £2,895.00
Funny my dad gave him his BMW to cover the bill for the costs of him doing the bathroom.
He hasn't even finished the bathroom.
The shower curtain pole hasn't been fitted.
The cover for the bathroom light hasn't been fitted, even the mirror hasn't been fitted.My younger brother paid for the bathroom suite.
The balloon went up when I saw this.
So he is claiming £1600 off me and my younger brother.
The balloon 🎈 went up!
I phoned up my younger brother to say our arsehole brother is trying to screw us over.
I emailed the Solicitor, saying he has already been paid for doing the above jobs. I am not signing nothing until those invoices get taken out.
I have also found out, he has took all the photo albums out of the house.
So I have no photos of me as a baby up to the age of 30!
I have asked the Solicitor if I can have them back, or is he using them as dart board!
Once I sat out in the garden for lunch.
My phone rung it was my younger brother.
We chatted for over 3 hours about how devious our Prodical brother is trying to screw the estate of my dad for work he has already been paid for.
The Solicitor sent me a email, saying my dad has given the Prodical brother the car as a GIFT, and not for payment of the work for the bathroom.
I told the Solicitor:
I have two independent witness claiming my dad told them he was giving him the car as payment for the work done in the bathroom.
Can she ask for all the bank statements from 2015,as it will show my dad paid him for the heating work.
As all the bank statements has vanished from my dad's house and also the cheque books.
After I finished talking to my brother.
I got to work do some lots of chopping things for tonight's evening meal↓
   Chicken Curry↓
 We caught up with one episode of:
 I goes down to do some work and singing↓
  I gets home.
Changes into PJs.
Younger brother phones again.
Hubby went to bed after an hour.
After nearly 2 and half hours yakking.
I say goodbye to my brother.
I goes to bed with some nice cold hands...