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Saturday 5 October 2019

Having Lots Of Play!

If you think nobody cares if you're alive or dead, try missing a couple of car payments - Flip Wilson
Welcome to my Saturday.
I slept right through and missed
"Sounds of the 60s" 
(I will catch up with it on BBC Sounds later)
 The sun might make appearance today.
 It was nice to have a warm snuggle and a cup of tea in bed.
It would have been my mum and dad's 51st Wedding Anniversary today.
(My mum passed away 6 years ago)
There is a lot of great people whose Birthday it is today.
Stephanie Cole is 78 years old 🎈
 Steve Miller  is 76 years old 🎈
Brian Connolly, Scottish singer (Sweet) would have been 74 years old 🎈
He died aged 51 in 1997
Russell Mael,(Sparks) is 71 years old 🎈 
 Bob Geldof is 68 years old 🎈
 Now for a little play with Kenny↓
 Once the carrot cake was put in the oven.
Coffee & Nibble↓
I had 2 blog entries to write up.
While doing that I listened to Pick of the Pops from 1964.
Some of the hits that were in the chart:

Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers
One Way Love↓
 Jim Reeves - I love You Because.↓
Matt Monro - Walk Away↓
We're Through - The Hollies↓
The Batchelors - I wouldn't Trade You For The World↓
Number 1 is Roy Orbison - Pretty Woman↓
Moving onto 1979
The Dooleys - The Chosen Few↓
Dave Edmunds - Queen of Hearts↓
Madness - The Prince↓
Nick Lowe - Cruel To Be Kind↓
The Buggles - Video Killed Off The Radio Star↓
Bellamy Brothers - If  I Said You Had A Beautiful Body↓
Blondie - Dreaming↓
Number 1 is: The Police - Message In A Bottle↓
Coffee & light Lunch↓
 My order arrived...↓
 Once the cakes were cooled down.
Now for a little play...again↓
 *I will unveil the cake on Wednesday.*
Finally finished it!
A late tea↓
 We caught up with The Graham Norton Show↓
 Graham's guests are Renee Zellweger, Lenny Henry, Louis Theroux and Andrew Ridgeley. Elbow perform White Noise, White Heat.
The final of Interior Design Masters
We caught up with Law and Order season 11 for the week.Only to find the ending was being cut off!!! Before we could see if they were been found innocent or guilty. We are going to watch it off Universal TV channel instead, as it is showing Season 11 as well as 5*USA channel.
 The new curtains in our bedroom are looking nice and keeping the bedroom warm.
 It probably helps we have a 16 tog duvet as well ;)


Monday 15 July 2019

Henry Showing Off His Moves!

You don't have to be mad to work here - but it helps - Anon
Welcome aboard my Wobbly Work Wheel 🎡
 *Big Day*
Lollypop job interview. 
I jump into the shower before breakfast.
I have a choice of outfits to wear for the interview?
Red/Black or White/Red/Black????
I gives everyone sloppy 💋💋💋 before they left the house.
Now to get ready...
Coffee first!
 Hat and bag↓
 Out I go
 Quick look at the newspaper↓
 Nice bit of music to listen to on the way back.
I bump into an old customer who I used to deliver his mail.
We havre a catch-up 
I go to the job interview....
I had to made do with something (Henry the Hoover) to show them I still know the moves of using the lollipop...

Henry to the rescue!
 I still know the moves!
I will find out tomorrow if I get it.
On the way back to my car, I bump into two more ex-customers. 
Gets back home,
Rips the tights off quick,
Gets changed,
Changes hat and handbag,
Back out I go...
 I go in...
Oh dear it's going to be a bad Monday!
Sweating buckets,
No help putting things away..
I was so glad to finish
*4 days to go!* 
Sung along with some great tunes↓
 Oh look what was delivered↓↓
24 hours late.
I had a chat with my neighbour.
One stiff coffee

Comes back in the sunshine↓

 The council is taking away the bed bases tomorrow.
 Catches up with this blog.
Has our evening meal.
Does my final job of the day.
With some great music...
Hubby had picked up a lovely rug for the bedroom on the way home.↓↓
Boudoir is looking great!


Thursday 21 March 2019

Can It Come Back Please?

Some days it’s okay if all you did was breathe.....

Welcome to my cloudy Thursday!
Nice first cuppa of the day..↓
I gave everyone a sloppy 💋 when they all left the house.
It is getting more than busy than normal for lorries, especially parking outside our house.
Hoping our green bins gets emptied....
Carried on listening to "Sounds of the 60's" from last Saturday.
Caught up some reading of some newspapers....
Coffee and vitamin C time!
 Followed by liquid lunch↓
 Where has the sun gone???
Going to take my coat instead.
 Double figures!!!
Plenty of good 70s tunes to sing along with....
Birthdays Time
Timothy Dalton (born Timothy Leonard Dalton Leggett): Is a British actor. He is best known for portraying James Bond in The Living Daylights (1987) and Licence to Kill (1989), as well as Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre (1983), Rhett Butler in the television miniseries Scarlett (1994), and Simon Skinner in Hot Fuzz (2007).He appeared in Flash Gordon(1980).He is 73 years old. 
Dino Shafeek:Was a Bangladeshi actor.He is best remembered for playing the part of Chai Wallah Muhammed in the BBC sitcom It Ain't Half Hot Mum as well as the role of Ali Nadim in ITV sitcom Mind Your Language.He would have been 89 years old.
(He died aged 53 in 1983) 
Roger Hodgson,(Charles Roger Pomfret Hodgson):Is an English musician, singer and songwriter, best known as the former co-frontman and founder member of progressive rock band Supertramp. Hodgson composed and sang the majority of the hits such as "Dreamer", "Give a Little Bit", "Breakfast in America", "Take the Long Way Home", "The Logical Song" and "It's Raining Again".He is 69 years old.
Sarah Jane Morris:Is an English singer of pop, jazz, rock and R&B and a songwriter.She has worked with The Communards, Pere Ubu and The Happy End.She is 60 years old.
Harry H. Corbett; Was an English actor and comedian. Corbett is best known for his co-starring role in the popular and long-running BBC Television sitcom Steptoe and Son which was first broadcast from 1962–1965 and 1970–1974.He died aged 57 in 1982.
Ernie Wise:Was an English comedian, best known as one half of the comedy duo Morecambe and Wise, who became a national institution on British television, especially for their Christmas specials.He died aged 73 in 1999.
"The Boxer" is a song recorded by the American music duo Simon & Garfunkel from their fifth studio album, Bridge over Troubled Water (1970) was released in 1969.
Before I got into work.
The Yr R class came back from Forest School.They asked what was for pudding?
"Chocolate Brownies."I replied.
When they all lined up, they shouted,"Hello Mrs Dinner Lady" to me, and waved :)

 The sun is refusing to come out!
More good music to sing along with:
 Our bins hadn't been emptied!
Had to phone the Council to empty them tomorrow...
Strong coffee time!
Good job I don't need to get Sexy Beast off my drive↓
 Can the sun come back please????
 Final cup of tea of the day↓
We caught up on↓ 
 Hubby went to bed...
I stayed up to watch the chaos of Brexit.....