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Saturday, 31 July 2021

More Humpty Than Tumble!

 If it flies, floats or fucks, it's always cheaper to rent than to buy - Anon
 Welcome to my Saturday, not long to go until we go on holiday..🗼
As normal I woke up early.....
I enjoyed a brew before I started to write yesterday's blog post.
I listened to Sounds of the 60s while blogging, 
Once Sleeping Beauty rose from the warm pit.
I finished and published yesterday's blog post.
Now for warm hug, brew and breakfast.
Gets dressed.
Now to drop off son at work...
the other son to help out at the uniform bank. 
Now to town we go...
Parks in Car Park 4.
Cheeky Costa...
I then to go off to have my eyes tested....
I don't need new glasses \0/
That saved £150+
I buy a new dress to wear on holiday.
Found something to help with my worries...
Now to pick up son from work.
We were enjoying coffee and cake...
When suddenly a flock of loud mouthed crows entered the room....
One said to me as she walked into the room and called me: "Mr Tumble!".
Considering I was just sat there wearing a black flowing maxi dress with my red multi-coloured hat....
I don't look nothing like Mr Tumble
(as far I know!)
More like Humpty Dumpty!
They were being nasty to my son who served their drinks....
So reminds me of those horrible Stepford Wives I had to deal with at my kids's First School...
I just had to leave the room as my eye rolls was getting louder by the minute.
I said goodbye to Joe and Tracy and off home we went....
Gets home to find the shop had given me the wrong size dress!!!
It wasn't the same size that was on the clothes hanger..
Great, will have to change it when I get back!
Hubby went to pick up the other son from the uniform bank.
They nipped into Lidl to get tea for tonight.
I meanwhile had to pack my bags for the upcoming holiday...
Tea is served.
Quick look in the newspaper.
Geoffrey Lewis was an American character actor. He appeared in more than 200 films and television shows, and was principally known for his film roles alongside Clint Eastwood and Robert Redford. He typically portrayed villains or quirky characters. He played a bodyguard in the Jean-Claude van Damme film Double Impact
He would have been 86 years old 🎈 
He died aged 79 in 2015.
Jim Reeves  was an American country and popular music singer-songwriter. With records charting from the 1950s to the 1980s, he became well known as a practitioner of the Nashville sound. Known as "Gentleman Jim", his songs continued to chart for years after his death. Reeves died in the crash of his private airplane. He is a member of both the Country Music and Texas Country Music Halls of Fame.
He died on this day in 1964 aged 40

Sir Alan  Parker CBE  was an English filmmaker. His early career, beginning in his late teens, was spent as a copywriter and director of television advertisements. After about ten years of filming adverts, many of which won awards for creativity, he began screenwriting and directing films. 
He sadly died on this day in 2020 aged 76
Off to bed early, as we have a long ride to undertake tomorrow morning....

Saturday, 17 April 2021

Woo Hoo Got It!

 The thing women like most in bed is breakfast - Robin Williams 
Welcome to my Saturday 👅
Hug with brew.
I am going for a job interview this morning.
The nice dress had to come out!
Sunshine time!
Drops off son at his job early.
Then we go off to find the place for my job interview.
Finds it.
Gets showed around.
Got the job!
Starts Monday! 
Off to celebrate my new job!
Back home
Nice bacon sandwich...
Loaded up the washing machine...
Tidied up the house...
Now to enjoy the sunshine..
Now to watch the funeral.
Tea at 3.
With a lovely doughnut!
Catches up with today's newspaper.
Jan Hammer  is a Czech-American musician, composer and record producer. He first gained his most visible audience while playing keyboards with the Mahavishnu Orchestra in the early 1970s, as well as his film scores for television and film including "Miami Vice Theme" and "Crockett's Theme", from the 1980s television program, Miami Vice. He has continued to work as both a musical performer and producer.  
He is 73 years old 🎈
Tea was ready.
We caught up on Judge Rinder.
With Sleep Tea.
Then off to a warm bed to celebrate some more!


Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Hopefully It Stops Up!

I never had a penny to my name.So I changed my name 
- Rodney Dangerfield
 Welcome to my Hump of the Week 🐫
First Day of Lent....
(No cake or chocolate for 6 weeks!)
Hug with brew.
Quick jump into Sexy Beast. 
Hubby is working from home today, 
He jumps on the computer.
I have some housework to do.
I dusts upstairs.
Even Henry has a outing upstairs.
My new stainless splashback arrived a day early.
I really hopes it does stick...
Now for a coffee..
Quick look in the newspaper..
Sir Alan Bates, CBE  was an English actor who came to prominence in the 1960s, when he appeared in films ranging from the popular children's story Whistle Down the Wind to the "kitchen sink" drama A Kind of Loving
He would have been 87 years old 🎈
He died aged 69 in 2003.
John Barry Humphries AO CBE is an Australian comedian, actor, satirist, artist, and author. He is best known for writing and playing his on-stage and television alter egos Dame Edna Everage and Sir Les Patterson. He is also a film producer and script writer, a star of London's West End musical theatre, an award-winning writer, and an accomplished landscape painter. For his delivery of dadaist and absurdist humour to millions, biographer.
He is 87 years old.🎈
John  Leyton  is an English actor and singer. As a singer he is best known for his hit song "Johnny Remember Me" (written by Geoff Goddard and produced by Joe Meek), which reached number one in the UK Singles Chart in August 1961 despite being banned by the BBC for its death references. His follow-up single, "Wild Wind", reached number two in the charts. Alongside singing, Leyton's acting career saw him appearing in television and films throughout the 1960s. His films included The Great Escape, Guns at Batasi, Von Ryan's Express and Krakatoa, East of Java. In 2009 he also had a small part in the film Telstar, a biopic based on Joe Meek's life in which Leyton himself was portrayed by Callum Dixon. He is 85 years old 🎈
Gene Pitney  was an American singer-songwriter, musician, and sound engineer.
Pitney charted 16 top 40 hits in the United States, four in the top ten. In the United Kingdom, he had 22 top 40 hits, and 11 singles in the top ten. Among his most famous hits are "Town Without Pity", "(The Man Who Shot) Liberty Valance", "Twenty Four Hours from Tulsa", "I'm Gonna Be Strong", and "It Hurts To Be In Love". He also wrote the early 1960s hits "Rubber Ball" recorded by Bobby Vee, "Hello Mary Lou" by Rick Nelson, and "He's a Rebel" by the Crystals. In 2002, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 
He would have been 81 years old 🎈
He died aged 66 in 2006. 
I got yesterday's blog wrote.
I got blog post published.
My hubby's and father in law's Birthday presents arrived :)
Tea at 3.
Just a cup of tea and no cake!
I had a good read of my craft mag that come.
Veggie option for us for tea.
The kids had some nice beef burgers for tea.
We carried on going through the episodes of Judge Rinder.
Another 3 watched :)
Hubby tried to put up the Splashback up behind the oven....
We shall see if it stops up by tomorrow morning!
Sleep Tea time↓
Might have to do some bingewatching tomorrow, as hubby is back in the office...