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Sunday, 13 February 2022

Bringing New Flowers!

The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it
 - Terry Pratchett
Welcome to my Sunday 🌷🌹
We had a bit of lie-in.
Still had hugs and kisses
With brew and breakfast.
I put on the thermal vest.
Rain mac.
Out for a ride in Sexy Beast.
Pump up the tyres.
Fill up with fuel.
Then back home we go.
The coffee machine goes on.
So does the washing machine...
Once two loads of washing was done.
On goes the tumble drier.
The meantime I made the red velvet cake for tomorrow.
The oven was turned down low,
While we went out in the rain again.
Checked hubby's tyre pressures.
Filled up with fuel.
Then nipped into the Co-op for some milk.
Roses anyone?
As normal the red light kept going off.
It doesn't like reduced food!
Then off to give my mum and dad's grave a tidy up and put new flowers on.
Then back home to unpack the shopping.
Got the cake out to cool down.
In the meanwhile, finished off the soup.
Then I wrote 2 blog posts.
We had Gammon for tea.
Once finishing my blog posts.
I had to finish the cake as well.
Finally got to look into today's newspaper.
Peter  Gabriel  is an English musician, singer, songwriter, record producer and activist. He rose to fame as the original lead singer of the progressive rock band Genesis. After leaving Genesis in 1975, he launched a successful solo career with "Solsbury Hill" as his first single. His 1986 album, So, is his best-selling release and is certified triple platinum in the UK and five times platinum in the U.S. The album's most successful single, "Sledgehammer", won a record nine MTV Awards at the 1987 MTV Video Music Awards and, according to a report in 2011, it was MTV's most played music video of all time.
He is 72 years old 🎈
Waylon Jennings (born Wayland Arnold Jennings; ) was an American singer, songwriter, and musician. He is best known as one of the founding pioneers of the Outlaw Movement in country music. 
He died on this day in 2002 aged 64. 
FERRIS BUELLERS'S DAY OFF is released in the UK in 1987.
On this day in 1990, the first episode of Quantum Leap was broadcast in the UK on BBC2. It starred Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell in which time waits for no man ... except one.   It ran for 5 series.
UK No.1 on this day in 1982
The Jam - Town Called Malice
UK No.1 on this day in 1985
Elaine Paige and Barbara Dickson -
I Know Him So Well.
Sleep Tea time.
Back on the Wobbly Work Wheel 
It's Valentine's Day tomorrow 💓



Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Smiling Can Be Dangerous!

God loved the birds and invented tress. Man loved the birds and invented cages - Jacques Deval
Welcome to my Hump of the Week🐫
Hoping no more rain or wind today...
I was up too early for a Wednesday↓
 I needed a honey,lemon and ginger tea.
Once the alarm went off,
I went to give Sleeping Beauty a much deserved hug...
Once I got dressed.
Tea and more hugs time↓
 I blew hubby a 💋
Gave my kids sloppy 💋💋
Now out of the door I go↓
 It was still nice and dark when I got down there.
 The tree shot before I turned on the lights↑
While I was doing my lollipop job,
An ex-postman drove up by the side of me, slid down his passenger window,
"What are you going to do with lollipop stick?" He asked.
I put my lollipop stick through the open window, and replied to him.
"Get you to lick it!".
He laughed, I removed my lollipop, and he drove off.
Still have cars failing to stop.
At least I had no rain or wind to put up with...
I finished in one piece.
Gets home..
 I enjoyed coffee and nibble↓
 Followed by a light lunch↓
 Blew my hubby a 💋
Back out..↓
 New CD to listen to↓
sing along with...
 I looked inside the paper↓
Harry Nilsson, American singer-songwriter and rock vocalist (Everybody's Talkin', Midnight Cowboy), dies of a heart attack at 52 in 1994.
"Hill Street Blues" premieres on NBC-TV in 1981.
Gordon  Jackson, was a Scottish actor best remembered for his roles as the butler Angus Hudson in Upstairs, Downstairs and as George Cowley, the head of CI5, in The Professionals. He also portrayed Flt. Lt. Andrew MacDonald, "Intelligence", in The Great Escape..
He died aged 66 in 1990.
 I looked across the fields of fun↓
 I had a really nice RED FACE when I left.
I was that warm, the hat and scarf had to be removed!
More singing along↓
It's not reaching double figures↓
 Coffee and nibble time↓
 I blew hubby a big 💋
Back out to do lollipop job.
At least it's dry↓
 I had to put up with the low lying sun again↓
 I smiled at one man driving a truck...
He then turned around in the junction opposite me..
(Smiling can be dangerous!)
Not to worry, he carried on past me.....
Back to the job...
One red Range Rover failed to stop and carried on under my stick!
(You can't teach stupid!)
Finished in one piece. 
Back home,
got changed.
Off to Happy Place Of Work  
Hubby had gone food shopping with our kids.
I wrote the first part of the blog.
Hubby cooked a nice tea.
Then off I go to burn it off ...
With some great music..
I gets back to find out my dad is being discharged from hospital tomorrow \o/
Those yellow sexy trousers will be coming out tomorrow too!