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Friday 7 February 2020

One Way Ticket To H.....

Do not take life too seriously.You'll never get out of it alive 
- Elbert Hubbard
Welcome to the Friday Feeling 🎈
I still miss my lovely dad :'(
 Time for hug and tea↓
 The thermal knickers were put on...
I gave everyone sloppy 💋💋💋..before I left the house↓
 I quick look in the newspaper before I start↓
  Matt Monro,was an English singer who became one of the most popular entertainers on the international music scene during the 1960s and 1970s. Known as The Man with the Golden Voice.He died aged 54 years old in 1985.
 Albert Finney, English actor (The Dresser, Under the Volcano), dies aged 82 in 2019.
   Today's tree pic↓
 I have to turn on the lights↓
 The fun was starting...
Some of the drivers were having a bit too much Friday Feeling🎈....
ie.Not Stopping....
I finished in one piece.
Now for some serious singing..↓
 B3 time↑↑
 Coffee and chat time↓
 I had a good chat,
I said goodbye to my friend.
I nipped into Hobbycraft,
To use my 20% off voucher↓
Nice table↓
 More singing on the way home↓
Back home↓
 Nice easy lunch↓
 I had a nice card from some lovely friends↓
 I got Kenny out to do some cake making for tomorrow's Tester Day↓
 Out to do final lollipop job of the week..
Low lying sun time↓
 The first ten minutes, I nearly took out a windscreen. I had lowered my stick and she was 2 inches away from a smashed windscreen!
Bonus 10 points denied!
One woman saw the incident, and said to me:
"I think you have to walk into moving traffic to get the cars to stop!"
I said to that;"That's one way to ticket to heaven or hell (depending what I am trying to stop!) It the lollipop stick that goes in the road first not me!"
She replied to that:
"The previous lollipop man did it!"
I commented to it:
"He must have had a Death Wish!"
More and more car are failing to stop.
I made it in one piece! 
Back home.
 Gets changed.
Now onto Happy Place of Work.
With some great music...↓
 Back home for tea.
 Then off for final job with some great music↓
Once I get back home.
The vultures decide they don't want funeral flowers for my dad's funeral.
They are not using my dad's funeral money for his funeral!
I will pay for the flowers!!!
Now to burn off some Friday Feeling🎈


Saturday 9 June 2018

A Little Bit Of Grease Lightening Applied...

The alarm went off at 4.45am...
I know I'm keen to get up early on a Saturday.
But hubby and younger son is off to do a car boot...
I kissed them before they went 💋💋
I went back to sleep Zzzz
 Later on,I had breakfast for one...
Everyone was enjoying themselves at the car boot...↓↓↓
I went round to see my dad and collect his shopping list.
Gave sexy beast a short ride back home...
 A little bit of lunch...
I put the washing machine on.
Now to write Chapter Two of the new book.
Hubby came back with younger son.
Hubby went to catch 40 winks.
While sons went to town, they brought me a surprise back....
Yum yum...
(buy one and get one free)
My friends who dropped off some food for us yesterday. I did a quick card to thank them.
 In grease lightening speed!
We dropped off their shopping bags, empty jam jars and the lovely card I made.
Back home to enjoy the sunset...
 We sorted out more things to sell on the car boot for tomorrow....
Hopefully the blue skies stay for tomorrow..
As I have cake to make, 
As it's hubby's Birthday!
Plenty of 💋💋 to give out to him....x