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Saturday, 6 February 2021

Pressing That Button To Go Faster Than Lightspeed!

A dress has no meaning unless it makes a man want to take it off 
- Francoise Sagan
Welcome to my Saturday 💂
Off to visit my parents's grave with more flowers!
Warm hug with a brew.
Nice lie in.
Then dressed.
Coffee time 
Then out for a little ride..
When we got to my parents's grave.
My younger brother had dropped off the wooden bench (he bought it in the summer) and made a right mess of the flower display!
The lavender plants I put on the grave last summer has gone. He had put the blue vase behind the gravestone.
I sorted out the flower display!
That looks a lot better↑
I chattered to a man last year before the first lockdown, who was tending his wife's grave. He died in June last year during the first lockdown, and now finally the gravestone has gone to have his name put on it↓↓↓
Said goodbye to my parents.
I will have to get some things for Mother's Day next month!
Back home.
Quick read of today's newspaper.
James Whitmore Jr. was an American film, theatre, and television actor. During his career, he won three of the four EGOT honors: a Tony, a Grammy, and an Emmy. Whitmore also won a Golden Globe and was nominated for two Academy Awards. He died on this day in 2009 aged 87.
Hubby was going to watch the Michael Moore film I was watching yesterday.
I meanwhile had a nice cake to make.
Once the cake had been baked in the oven, it was left to cool.
Tea at 3.
Now to catch up with 2 weeks of 
Top of the Pops from 1990.
(A good tune with Paul Young and Zucchero will be released in 1991, it's at the end of this blog post!)
Next Episode.

I could have got done for speeding,
On how fast I was pressing the
 fast forward button  →→→→
The cake is ready!
So is the steak tea....
Movie time!
Great film.
I think I will leave the sequel alone.
Then it was on to watch the Newspaper review with some Sleep Tea.
Off to get under that warm 16 tog duvet!



Friday, 5 February 2021

Getting Down To The Friday Feeling!

Some mornings, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps -  Emo Philips 
Welcome to my Friday 💋
The first anniversary of my lovely dad passing away :( 💔
Nice warm hug with brew.
Gets up the kids ready for their on-line learning.
Hubby carries on working from home.
Coffee time!
Now out for a little ride...
I gets the newspaper.
Then to get my order for flowers for my Parents's grave.
Then back home...
Unpacked by order.
Quick read of the newspaper..
Kirk Douglas  was an American actor, producer, director, philanthropist, and writer.
He died aged 103 in 2020.
Christopher  Plummer  was a Canadian actor. His career spanned seven decades, gaining recognition for his performances in film, television, and on the stage.
He died aged 91 on this day in 2021. 
I then wrote yesterday's blog post.
Tea at 3. 
Once hubby finished work, he and younger son went out to do this week's food shopping 
(And neighbour's shopping too)
I watched a great documentry on Netflix.
Hubby and younger son came back with the shopping.
Time for tea.
Faggots,Mash and Mushy peas.
We had two episodes left of:
It's a great series to watch.
It reminded me of what happened to Columbia Space Rocket in 2003 :(
Back to the news.
Our Covid deaths in the UK are still going up :(
Now to start to enjoy the weekend🎈