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Friday, 25 March 2022

Don't Forget the Sun Cream!

 If you play with anything long enough it will break 
- Murphy's Law
Welcome back to the Friday Feeling 🎈
Brew with breakfast.
I gave hubby a warm hug instead of a sloppy wet one.
I went back to sleep once everyone had gone to work and school.
Later on I got up.
Thermal vest went on.
Coffee machine went on.
All the bins got emptied.
Dish washer was loaded up and put on.
Now to enjoy some fresh air!
Now to put on the bread and soup makers↓
Now to get yesterday's blog wrote.
The loaf turned out nice!
I took another Covid Test.
Woo hoo Negative again :)
Now for some nice soup.
Then I carry on writing yesterday's blog.
Tea at 3.
I puts the tea in the oven ready.
Hubby comes home and has a warm hug.
Dishes up the tea.
We watched the remaining episode of series 3 of Amazing Hotels.
Shangri-La, London↓
We watched the Fame episode which was based on Wizard of Oz.
Looked in today's newpaper.
Johnny  Burnette  was an American singer and songwriter of rockabilly and pop music. In 1952, Johnny and his brother, Dorsey Burnette, and their mutual friend Paul Burlison formed the band that became known as the Rock and Roll Trio.
He would have 88 years old 🎈
 Sadly his career was cut short on August 14, 1964, when he was killed in a boat crash at age 30.
Dan Seals  was an American musician. The younger brother of Seals and Crofts member Jim Seals, he first gained fame as "England Dan", one half of the soft rock duo England Dan & John Ford Coley, who charted nine pop singles between 1976 and 1980, including the No. 2 Billboard Hot 100 hit "I'd Really Love to See You Tonight". 
He sadly died on this day in 2009 aged 61.
UK No.1 on this day in 1989:
Madonna - Like A Prayer. 
USA No.1 on this day in 1967:
The Turtles - Happy Together
USA No.1 on this day in 1972:
America - A Horse With No Name
USA No.1 on this day in 1989:
Mike & The Mechanics - The Living Years.
Sleep Tea Time.
Then we both fall asleep until 2am.....
Back to that warm bed we go.....




Tuesday, 20 July 2021

The Hunt For At Least One!

 Never lend your car to anyone to whom you have given birth - Nora Ephron
Welcome to my Tuesday 😎
Nice warm hug with brew.
I gave out sloppy wet 💋💋💋.
Now out I go...
On goes the Summer Coat.
Now for the fun to start...🎈
There wasn't a lot of kids to cross over.
The High School is breaking up today.
The First Schools break up tomorrow.
Finished in one piece.
I nip into the Co-Op to find no salad whatsoever!
I get other bits.
I go to Lidl to get some salad.
I get the newspaper on the way home.
Time for a cold coffee...
Then to sort out my two wardrobes....
To hunt down some summer dresses.....
I found two after all the messing about and sweating for England!
Light lunch needed!
Back out with some bottle of cold water.
Summer coat goes on.
Buys a ice lolly,turns on my lights.
Heads off to the shady part of the park to suck on a much needed ice lolly before I start work.
Looking at my spot from a shady spot!
The one car that had to stop for me, as I was already in the middle of road, had to wait a little bit longer as I had lots of people to cross over.
It was well warm out there. 
Glad of the bottle of water I brought with me.
Finished in one piece.
Back home.
Another ice cold lolly is needed!
Tea was put in the oven for later...
I sent my older son a Happy Birthday message.
Hubby had a sloppy wet 👄.
Tea time.
Quick look in today's newspaper.
 It was getting warm again in the bedroom...
By 1am, I couldn't stand the heat no more...
I attempted to sleep on our two seater settee.
At least it is more comfortable than the old one!
Lots hope it's not going to be a hot hump tomorrow 🐫