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Monday 13 June 2022

Making The Most Of The Sunshine!

Good news rarely comes in a brown envelope - Henry Goldsmid
Welcome back to Monday πŸ‘
Got up a bit later than normal.
Still squeezed in the Heardles:
60s Heardle was:
At least my youngest son got it!
Time for breakfast with brew.
Now time to go outside in the sunshine...
Puts on those big big sunglasses..
I gives hubby a sloppy wet one 😘
I go and get the newspaper first.
Then I put on my Summer coat.
Turns on my lights.
Now let's go to work!
All the parents were glad of the sunshine.
Told them it's going to be v hot on Friday...
Going to be near 29c.....
Oh dear I had to give out 6 BOINGs.
The 7th car had to do a emergency stop!
At least I finished in one piece.
I paid a visit to Co-op.
Got some more bits for the Stir Fry tonight.
Some of the food prices have gone up so stupid.
I had to choose between a pack of Poppadoms at £3.50 or another pack priced at £1.20!
Got my vegetables for the soup this week.
Back home.
Puts on the coffee maker.
Puts the shopping away.
Washing machine goes back on.
Chopped veggies for soup.
Even the soup make goes back on.
Now to enjoy my coffee outside!
Waters all the plants.
Empties the dish washer.
 Looks at the winter duvet on our bed. It will have to come off sometime this week! 
I hope the sheet and duvet cover I bought from Blackpool fits a King Size bed!
Time for some liquid lunch!
Now out to do part two.
Slips on my summer coat.
Turns on my lights.
Now waits in the square for my friends.
My friends apppeared.
Now for a little rabbit...
Once it time to start,
I said goodbye to my friends.
I must turn invisible as cars were not stopping on the otherside.
It was getting quite hot in the summer coat.
About 4 BOINGs were given out.
I finished in one piece.
Home time.
Back home.
Nice cold lolly.
Then I wrote two blog entries.
Hubby a sloppy wet one when he came home.
Meat Free Stir Fry.
Quick look in today's newspaper.
 UK No.1 on this day in 1970:
Mungo Jerry - In The Summertime
UK No.1 on this day in 1992:
Erasure - Abba -esque EP
USA No.1 on this day in 1970:
The Beatles - The Long And Winding Road.
USA No.1 on this day in 1987:
Atlantic Starr - Always
Hubby has sorted someone out to come out this Thursday to sort out the Satellite signal.
Takes more washing off the line.
Everyone has their dry washing back!
It is going to be sunny up to Saturday \o/
Friday is going to be a hot one!
I got 2 magic bags to collect tomorrow!
Woo Hoo.
Sleep Tea time.
Must find out the sunscreen for tomorrow.....




Wednesday 22 December 2021

Wrap, Stick, Add Name Tag!

I gave my wife a brand new watch for Christmas - waterproof,shockproof, unbreakable, and antimagnetic. Absolutely could happen to it. She lost it - Milton Berle.
Welcome to my Hump of the Week 🐫
Nice hug to start the Hump with.
Brew with breakfast.
I gave hubby a sloppy wet πŸ’‹ before he went off to work.
I stopped in bed for half an hour before getting dressed.
Hubby went and got the newspaper on the way.
Nice picture of the morning sky↓
Once I got up,
Time for coffee!
I wrote yesterday's blog post.
Then I had a pile of presents to wrap up.
Even wrapped one for me, from me↓
Someone's Secret Santa present↑
I have some more I remembered,
but will do them tomorrow.
What's behind the door on the Advent Calender?
Light lunchtime.
Fancied a good DVD to watch.....
Tea at 3
Now to get the tea ready for tonight.
Hubby comes home and has a sloppy wet πŸ’‹
Quick look in today's newspaper.
John Robert "Joe" Cocker OBE  was an English singer known for his gritty, bluesy voice and dynamic stage performances that featured expressive body movements. Most of his best known singles were covers of songs by other artists, though he composed a number of his own songs for most of his albums as well, often in conjunction with songwriting partner Chris Stainton.
He sadly died aged 70 in 2014.
"Doctor Zhivago" based on the novel by Boris Pasternak, directed by David Lean and starring Omar Sharif and Julie Christie premieres in NYC in 1965
"The Graduate" American comedy-drama film directed by Mike Nichols, starring Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft, is released (Best Director 1968) in 1967. 
Rupert Holmes was No 1 in the US top 100 Singles charts in 1979 with "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)

Found more presents to wrap up tomorrow.
We all had a piece of banana loaf for dessert.
Left for some for my friend tomorrow.
My cake tins are arriving tomorrow,
So the Christmas Cake can be made.
Sleep Tea time.
Wrapping & Cake Making tomorrow!


Monday 1 November 2021

Welcome Back!

 Better the chill blast of winter than the hot breath of a pursuing elephant - Chinese Proverb
Welcome to the start of November🌟
Nice warm hug to start off Monday.
Brew with breakfast.
Thermal vest goes on....
Back on the Wobbly Work Wheel 🎑
Gives hubby a sloppy wet πŸ’‹ before I leave.
I didn't park in my normal place as the Covid-19 Boosters are being given out.
4 layers of clothing under my winter coat.
The big big sunglasses are still being worn...
Now to put on my lights...
Let's do this...🍭
Everyone was glad I was back!
Now for the fun to start...
I had my stick raised, one red Mini came out of the Parish Hall Car Park, then straight under my stick....
A grey BMW was speeding down the road, suddenly had to find his brake pedal as I lowered the stick down!
I had my stick out, and one car on the otherside, didn't stop and carried on speeding up the road!
I survived until the afternoon shift!
I picks up the newspaper on the way home.
On goes the coffee machine.
Unloads the dishwasher.
Gets Spin Bike out.
Now for some Heat!
Did the Spin,
Cools down.
Now for some coffee..
Then I writes yesterday's blog post.
I ask Alexa,"If it's going to rain this afternoon?"
She said, "Just clouds..!"
Now for round 2.
It was still cold and I didn't like the look of the dark clouds that was gathering...
I put on my winter coat.
I goes and puts on my lights then I just have to rabbit to two people like you do!
I said goodbye to them and got chatted to another friend.
Then I felt spots of rain...
As soon as I started my job the rain came down!
Stopped, carried on 20 minutes, stopped.
In the meantime cars were going under my stick as if I wasn't there!
As soon as I put my stick in Sexy Beast it started to rain, and carried on until I got home. 
Nice to have a brew when I got in.
My new watch arrived.
I did a early meat free stir fry.
(Ate it before I could take a photo).
Carried on watching Heat.
I finally got to watch all 2 hours and 55 minutes of it \o/
The next film I wanted to watch wasn't on Netflix or Prime Video.
I will have to dig out the DVD of it out for Wednesday...
The film I want is:
Next film I watched was:
Hubby lost at snooker, and his team lost 4-1.
I said to him, "That snooker cue is going to start our bonfire next weekend!"
He didn't find that funny!
I had a quick look in the newspaper...
"Cool Hand Luke", starring Paul Newman, George Kennedy, and Strother Martin, is released in 1969.
"Titanic" directed by James Cameron, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet premieres at the Tokyo International Film Festival (Academy Awards Best Picture 1998) in 1997.
Now for some Sleep Tea.
I kept the bed warm for when Hubby came home.
The way the temperatures are dropping,
The Thermals knickers be back on tomorrow!