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Sunday 25 November 2018

Country House Visit

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.”
Ayn Rand. 
Time for a busy Sunday ahead...
 We get out of the house by 10am..
 We get to Coughton Court by 10.30am




We had a good time visiting!
Now to get a free newspaper and a free cup of coffee..
 A interesting shopping list found outside.
 Coffee time!
 newspaper time!
 Gets back to enjoy coffee and a biscuit!
We put the thermal backing to our curtains in the Living room.
Curtain rail gets put up in the bathroom.
Putting up more curtains in my oldest son's bedroom.
(when they arrive this week)
Birthdays time.
 Beverley Bevan: English rock musician,(drummer)is 73 years old.
 Dinah Sheridan, British actress (Genevieve, The Railway Children, Don't Wait Up), dies at 92 in 2012
Now for telly!
Plus the final part of Louis Theroux's final part of Altered States:

"Billion Dollar Baby Industry: The Cost Of Open Adoption".

Now to unwind, ready for Monday!