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Saturday 23 March 2019

The Bush Is Now Bare!

In the Spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt - Margaret Atwood.
Welcome to Saturday🎈
I was up before the alarm,
As I wanted to listen to "Sounds of the 60s".
 We listened to it, in a warm bed with a cup of tea. Later on we had breakfast.
Nice ride out in Sexy Beast..
 It's still not quite warm enough..
 Time to use up my £15 voucher!
 All those lovely flowers...💮💮💮
(That are going in my garden)
Coffee and nibbles time!
 Coffee and a read...↓
 Nibble time↓
 Gets home...
More layers needed..↓
 Need some food to burn off!
 While hubby did my dad's shopping,
I did some potting of the plants↓
 Hubby came back...
We cut back some branches of the apple tree.
 I had to cut back the bush..↓
 The bush is now bare!↓
 We have over 5+ bags of branches to go down to the tip tomorrow.
Birthdays Time.
 Marti Pellow (born Mark McLachlan): Is a Scottish singer. He was the lead singer of the Scottish pop group Wet Wet Wet from their formation in 1982 until their first split in 1997, and again from their reformation in 2004 to their second split in 2017. He has also recorded albums as a solo artist, and performed as an actor in musical theatre productions in both the West End and on Broadway.He is 54 years old.
Damon Albarn: is an English musician, best known as the lead singer of the British rock band Blur as well as the co-founder, lead vocalist, instrumentalist, and principal songwriter of the virtual band Gorillaz.
He is 51 years old.
Anthony Mabron "Tony" Burton: Was an American actor, boxer, and football player. He was known for his role as Tony "Duke" Evers in the Rocky films.He would have been 82 years old.
(He died aged 78 in 2016)
Alan Barton: Was a British singer and member of the hit-making duo Black Lace. Their hits included "Agadoo", "Superman" and their United Kingdom Eurovision Song Contest 1979 seventh-place finisher "Mary Ann" in Jerusalem.Barton replaced Chris Norman in Smokie in 1986, recording six albums with them, and touring extensively as their lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist. He was the lead singer on Smokie's revival of their hit, "Living Next Door to Alice", recorded with British comedian Roy 'Chubby' Brown, as "Living Next Door to Alice (Who the F**k Is Alice)".
He died aged 41 in 1995.
Dame Elizabeth Taylor:Was a British-American actress, businesswoman, and humanitarian.(Cleopatra, Father of the Bride).
Died aged 79 in 2011.
The Swallow Sidecar Company headed by William Lyons agrees to change its name to Jaguar in 1945.

It was Saturday Film Night:
Really good films...
More use of the green fingers tomorrow...

Tuesday 12 March 2019

Whipping Up A Storm...

There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing - Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Welcome to Windy Tuesday.
I could hear the wind chimes having a good bang outside.
Storm Gareth was coming in...
First cuppa of the day↓
 I gave everyone big 💋💋💋 when they all left.
I am glad I am putting my leggings on...
The wind is getting up...
Now comes the rain!
 I parks in my normal place when I have to visit the Doctors. It was empty! I had the pick of the car park \o/.
 I had a quick look at the Birthdays↑
 Brian O'Hare: English musician with The Fourmost (Hello Little Girl, A Little Loving) would have been 77 years old.
(He died aged 57 in 1999)
Mike Gibbins:Welsh musician, most notable for being the drummer of Badfinger
(Come and Get It,No Matter What).
One of the more notable songs that he played on  was "It's a Heartache" by Bonnie Tyler.
 He would have been 70 years old. 
(He died aged 56 in 2005)
Graham Coxon: is an English musician, singer-songwriter and painter who came to prominence as a founding member of the rock band Blur.He is 50 years old.
Nole  "Nokie" Edwards: American musician and member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He was primarily a guitarist, best known for his work with The Ventures.
(Walk Don't Run,Hawaii Five- 0) Died aged 82 in 2018.
John "Speedy" Keen: Songwriter, vocalist, drummer and keyboard player, best known for his association with the rock band Thunderclap Newman. He wrote "Something in the Air" (1969) for the band, which reached No. 1 in the UK Singles Chart. He also released two solo albums.He died aged 56 in 2002. 
Comic strip "Dennis the Menace," 1st appears in the British comic magazine The Beano' in 1951
The wind and rain was lashing at the Sexy Beast while onto work I went.
Even the temperatures were falling ↘↘↘
As it was far too windy and the rain was lashing down....
So no pictures of the surrounding countryside today.... 
The rain was still coming down when I got home....
 I enjoyed cheese on toast with coffee.
  The rain stopped and the sun came out!
After I finished the other job,
I need a nice chicken stir fry,
with plenty of garlic, ginger and spinach thrown in....
We watched:
 The wind was still banging my wind chimes..
That banging gives me ideas.... 

Sunday 25 November 2018

Country House Visit

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.”
Ayn Rand. 
Time for a busy Sunday ahead...
 We get out of the house by 10am..
 We get to Coughton Court by 10.30am




We had a good time visiting!
Now to get a free newspaper and a free cup of coffee..
 A interesting shopping list found outside.
 Coffee time!
 newspaper time!
 Gets back to enjoy coffee and a biscuit!
We put the thermal backing to our curtains in the Living room.
Curtain rail gets put up in the bathroom.
Putting up more curtains in my oldest son's bedroom.
(when they arrive this week)
Birthdays time.
 Beverley Bevan: English rock musician,(drummer)is 73 years old.
 Dinah Sheridan, British actress (Genevieve, The Railway Children, Don't Wait Up), dies at 92 in 2012
Now for telly!
Plus the final part of Louis Theroux's final part of Altered States:

"Billion Dollar Baby Industry: The Cost Of Open Adoption".

Now to unwind, ready for Monday!