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Sunday 15 April 2018

Staying Alive

I didn't have a very good night again.
(Due to frozen shoulder again)
I went downstairs to have a cup of tea. 
 Coffee & toast followed..
Wrote out the shopping list
 After I went back to bed.
Hubby did the food shopping.
Then we went to do some CPR & Difib training run by Maggie & Rob & their

 Hubby, I, and our kids then practiced CPR and using the defibs.
We will be getting a certificate in a few days time. :)
Back home to sort things out for school.
We did some chop chop.
Green Pesto, Asparagus & Bacon Tart for tea tonight  
 On the plate.
Early night for all of us...
As back to the alarm clock going off early🕕


Wednesday 11 November 2015

Loyalty Points!!

Welcome to Hump of the Week!
I have travelled to Hell and back today.
I got my fingers burnt on the return journey!
This week can't get any worst? Can it?
Oh, yes it's Friday 13th in 2 days!!!!
My humour helped me out at JOB 3
I had been talking about how many Loyalty points
I had racked up at Lovehoney to a co-worker.
He was grabbing his chest (I thought I may have to perform on CPR on him)
His response was:
"Loyalty points at Lovehoney?? I think I may have cracked a rib from laughing too much!!"