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Thursday 6 July 2017

Someone Is Playing With My Henry!

Woke up to another hot sizzling day...
The car garage, cars and car mat was took in for the kids to play at Lunchtime..
 The temperature went up up up ↗↗
 At one of my other jobs,
Someone is sabotaging my Henry.
 First they undid the clips
(If I hadn't noticed, the bottom would have dropped!)
I checked his vacuum bag,
Someone had slit it open!
Nice .....
If the offending arsehole would just go back home...
As the gateway to hell opened up last night...😈

Wednesday 11 November 2015

Loyalty Points!!

Welcome to Hump of the Week!
I have travelled to Hell and back today.
I got my fingers burnt on the return journey!
This week can't get any worst? Can it?
Oh, yes it's Friday 13th in 2 days!!!!
My humour helped me out at JOB 3
I had been talking about how many Loyalty points
I had racked up at Lovehoney to a co-worker.
He was grabbing his chest (I thought I may have to perform on CPR on him)
His response was:
"Loyalty points at Lovehoney?? I think I may have cracked a rib from laughing too much!!"