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Sunday, 15 April 2018

Staying Alive

I didn't have a very good night again.
(Due to frozen shoulder again)
I went downstairs to have a cup of tea. 
 Coffee & toast followed..
Wrote out the shopping list
 After I went back to bed.
Hubby did the food shopping.
Then we went to do some CPR & Difib training run by Maggie & Rob & their

 Hubby, I, and our kids then practiced CPR and using the defibs.
We will be getting a certificate in a few days time. :)
Back home to sort things out for school.
We did some chop chop.
Green Pesto, Asparagus & Bacon Tart for tea tonight  
 On the plate.
Early night for all of us...
As back to the alarm clock going off early🕕


Saturday, 7 April 2018

When Small Is Good...

Got up way too early...
For Sounds of the 60's at 6am.
Went back Zzzz, 
Woke back up at 8am!!!!
Missed the programme! :(
Time for another ride..
 Quick coffee↓↓↓
 Hubby parks the car,
now to visit some charity shops..
 Perhaps better get my old hostess trolley out of the loft as they are coming back in fashion!
Dropped off my dad's shopping.
We had to unpack our bargains...
We dug out a classic tv series on DVD to watch until the clock hit midnight...
 I wrote out a very small shopping list.
As we don't need too much.
 Normally small isn't good,
But in this case.....;)